Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Musk Ox Farm & Alaska State Fair

For over 15 years I have wanted to visit this Musk Ox Farm in Palmer, AK. the fibers that come from the under coat and under belly of the musk ox are 8 times warmer than wool and are very soft. The animal is never shaved for the fibers, but is combed. The Native Eskimos from the various villages knit scarvess, hats, etc with the quviut yarn and sell it through the OOmingmak
shop in Anchorage. Each Eskimo village knits a pattern specific from their village. The animals, although they look very large are much smaller than buffalo.

I wonder if the kitties would like a musk ox playmate?

I WUV YOU !!!!


This little baby was born in May. He is just so sweet and curious.

This musk ox is 18 months old. Isn't he cute. David is giving him some fresh grass for lunch. He'll follow you anywhere for a snack like that.


How's this for a giant cabbage?

This 9lb zucchini is one of the smaller ones grown in Palmer.

This is the view from the Fair Grounds in Palmer.

Anchorage and Turnagain Arm

It was a dreary and over cast day in Anchorage.
W e went on a drive south toward Seward.

Men fishing at Ships Creek in downtown Anchorage.

Turgain Arm at Buluga Point. Whales were visable in the water.

An iceberg near Portage Glacier. Unfortunately the visabiity was so bad due to the weather, we couldn't see the Glacier.

A distant glacier.

Since the skys were so cloudy and views were so bad, we paid a visit to the Alaska Wildlife Conseration Refuge. Lots of animals there to see including orphaned moose babies.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Anchorage , Day 1

Our rental car in Alaska. LOL

Our first big Alaskan breakfast at Gwennies Old Alaskan Resaurant

How's this for a big Alaskan breakfast? David's corned beef hash & eggs.
My eggs and bacon. Anyone care for a
half pound of thick sliced bacon?

This was the bear butt at the next table.

No visit to Anchorage would be complete without a trip to the ULU FACTORY to watch them make the native Alaskan knife.

We visited a couple of very nice quilt shops int he Anchorge area today. Didn't buy much though----not for $12 / yd. YIKES!!!!!! The good news is there is no sales tax in Anchorage.

Friday, August 28, 2009

North to Alaska

We arrived safely in Anchoarge after a very long flight from Atlanta. By the time we arrived and settled into our hotel room Thusday night, it was 11:PM (our body time). It was on 7PM here and still the shank of the evening.
Our home in Anchorage--at least for a few days.