Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 45 Thr Last Day

Well, here we are sitting on the banks of the Mississippi River on our last day of vacation. So sad!!
We have had a great time. It's hard to believe that it is has not rained since before we left Chattanooga---UNTIL NOW. It has been very chilly and clammy cold since we arrived. That didn't stop us from sleeping with the window open so we could hear the barges and tug boats going down the Mississippi  all night.

We did get a few minutes to sit outside on the bench and have a second cup of coffee with Bentley as he watched the barges go up and down the river.
 David took a little stroll down to the river's edge. We could start liking this lifestyle.
 And Nicholas couldn't resist his famous pose in the cabinet when David opened it up to get a bottle of water.
 For our last dinner, we went downtown Memphis to get some of the famous Memphis Bar B Que.
On Greg's recommendation we went to Rendezvous, which has been around since about 1948. We had a heck of a time finding it as it was in an alley. We drove around and around looking for the address which wasn't there. Finally we figured it out.
 We both had ribs which were great. So glad we had a chance to try them. Thanks Greg!
We head home today. Back to the real world. The kitties will enjoy having room to run up the stairs and to get back on their towers so they can look at the birds. Lots of laundry and MH cleaning too. UGHHH!! But it was a wonderful vacation.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 44 On to West Memphis

I must say I never knew there was a WEST Memphis before this trip. Not only did I not know there was a West Memphis, but I did not know it was in Arkansas. But it is. It is just west of the Mississippi River. The CG we are staying at is Tom Sawyers RV Park and it is on the Mississippi.
Our campsite is right next to the river and you can see and hear barges going up and down the river all day and night. There are nice benches where you can sit to watch them go by.
This video is on the CG website as it is a favorite of Kathy Bates who is from the Memphis area.

The kitties had a nice trip in the MH even though is was a whole day of driving.

 Finny was not happy when I pulled out the vacuum cleaner.

 Later, he and Bentley cuddled up on the sofa.
 What a nice view, just watching the barges go down the Mississippi.

Day 43 On the Way to Checotah, OK

We left Amarillo headed for Checotah, OK. Another day of straight driving on I-40 with nothing to see. I did get a lot of knitting done on my socks, at least when Nicky was not riding in my lap.

I had a couple of pictures in my camera from The Big Texan, so......... here goes.

 David is the cowboy on the bottom. Yippee Ki Yo Ki Yey!!!!!!!!!
This is the horse motel where you can unhook your horse or unload them from the trailer and stall them while you stay at the people hotel to have dinner. This is Texas after all.

 Bentley having a nap as we ride along.
After we got to CG at Checotah we gave the boys a little go out time. They did enjoy getting out of the MH for a while, but no squirrels to be had. Imagine their disappointment.

We will be headed for West Memphis as our last stop on the way home. We will be staying at a CG right on the Mississippi River, so we hope it will be fun.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DAY 42 On the Way to Amarillo

When we got up this morning it was 18 degree----as in freezing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We had to pack up, return the rental car and head back to Santa Fe, as that was the closest route to Amarillo. It did warm up a bit and by the time we got to Santa Fe I had to go change my long sleeve shirt to a short sleeve and take off my jacket,

The ride to Santa Fe was picturesque, but from Santa Fe to Amarillo it was pretty boring. The landscape became very flat with a lack of anything interesting. Luckily it wasn't a horribly long day of driving.

 Nicky insists on riding in my lap. He really only wants to smell the air blowing in through the air conditioner. But any way, I'll take a nice kitty in my lap even if he weighs 18 lbs.
 Then there's Bentley who likes to ride on the couch with his feet up in the air.
 After a day of driving we thought we would stop at The Big Texan in Amarillo for dinner before heading to the CG. If you haven't been here it is BIG in every way. They advertise on billboards along I- 40 and have been on Man vs Food as they have a challenge to eat a 72oz steak in one hour and it's free. They had plenty of room to park RVs and big rigs in the back. The also have a hotel, a free limo ride to the restaurant a candy shop, a bar and a gift shop. I hope we don't regret not buying that set of Billy Bob teeth in the gift shop.You just never know when that opportunity might come along again. The waiter/waitresses are all dressed like cowboys/girls and big time western atmosphere. They had a live cowboy band and a dance floor. The service was a bit show, but my steak was very good.

When we came out of the restaurant and walked back to the MH there were about 6 people surrounding the front of the MH. We thought there might be something wrong. As we got closer-----------------------there was Bentley all stretched out across the dashboard entertaining the crowd.

What a ham.
Tomorrow we head for Checotah, OK


Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 41 More Time in Taos

On Sunday we decided to ride a little way outside of Taos to see what was around. We rode over the the Rio Grand Gorge Bridge which was a little scary. This is a suspension bridge which crosses over the extremely deep gorge. I must say it was impressive.

We drove north near the ski valley area. Around one of the bends in the road in a field we saw a coyote. He was just ambling along looking for dinner. Unfortunately by the time we stopped the car it was too late to get a picture. We did see what he was looking for for dinner.

There were lots of these little prairie dogs, ground hogs or whatever they were popping up from underground in this field. No wonder the coyote was moving along with his nose so close to the ground.
As we headed back through town, we decided to stop again at the Wool Festival. It's like a magnet drawing me in. I wanted to pick up some of the business cards from some of the vendors there. I think most of these people sell on Etsy and they don't have retail stores since a lot of the fibers are hand dyed, spun and small operations. David couldn't resist taking some pictures too. There was a girl with her kitty on a lease, but the kitty was riding around on her shoulders. Everyone was petting the cat and even the dogs came over to say "hello". Very cute kitty. Sorry no picture.
Then there were the alpacas again. Their faces are just so cute. That little girl is cute too!
 And here's the lady that sits all day petting angora bunnies. What a rough job. I'm sure she is wearing an angora sweater.
 More pictures of displays. I love these felted hats. I have a gray one at home that I made years and years ago. It is easy to make and warm and cozy. I love the colors in these hats.
And they even had a spinning competition.
This little boy came to the festival with a live bird on his shoulder. He was so proud of that bird that was just chirping away.
We headed back to the CG to spend some time with the kitties.
Our CG is rather bare and no place for the kitties to enjoy their playpen.
We heard it was to be 28 degrees tonight. Yikes!!! That's below freezing!!!!!
Monday--Oct 8....Addendum:  The weatherman was WRONG it was not 28 degree Sunday night.
IT IS 18 DEGREES. The outside water pipes are frozen, but we have some water in our tank so no problem. We will be headed for Amarillo.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 40 Visiting Taos

We picked up our rental car in Taos and the man there warned me about the number of elk roaming the area. I assured him we would not be doing any late night driving on any back roads. We settled in to our CG and took off to find some lunch. Taos has a central town plaza with some nice restaurants and shops, so we headed there. When we parked our car the man in the parking lot gave us directions to the Plaza and told us there was a WOOL FESTIVAL going on at the Kit Carson park. Wow!!! It was my lucky day. Next to fabric, I love yarn.

 This is the Plaza area. There was an Arts Festival going on tin the center of the Plaza.
 This is Kit Carson's home and museum. He lived here for some time and is also buried here. Who knew?
 Love the shops. Wooden side walks that are all uneven.
This is an Inn. Typical SW style and color.
 This is an art gallery and workshop. What a neat setting!
 Just off the Plaza on a little lane is Taos Adobe Quilting. What a cute little shop. Lots of SW fabrics crammed in to the little place. I finally broke down and bought a bundle of SW fabrics.
This is a boot store. Not as fancy as the one in Santa Fe. Very quaint.

 On to the Wool Festival.

What a fun festival. There was a good attendance and it was pretty spread out in the park. Lots of vendors from Colorado, NM, and the surrounding areas. Wool, mohair, alpaca, cashmere, yak, quviut and other varieties. Not the yarns you would normally find n a shop. Lots of roving and spinning tools too.  I was almost hyperventilating. All beautiful. So much yarn--so little money and time. I'll dream about knitting tonight after I work on my applique quilt.
This is man spinning wool into yarn. 

 I had to take this picture. The man walking through the crowd was dressed very oddly. He was wearing camouflage pants, a beaver type fur hat and buckskin boots with fringe. Everyone was staring as you can see. Now that I think about it he was probably trying to look like Kit Carson. Bad job!!!!
 What a sweet little alpaca. I love it's little face.
These are angora bunnies that are for sale. Couldn't you see Finny's face it I came home with that?
To get the angora, you comb the bunny, card it and spin in into yarn. Gee I could probably get the same result by combing Bentley. They are soft and sweet and he's soft and sweet.. The owners of the bunnies were holding them in their laps and asking everyone to come pet the bunny. So soft.

This plant, I think is Purple Sage blooming and it is every where and very beautiful. We have a whole day tomorrow to see more things in a around Taos.

Day 40 Headed for Taos

We left Santa Fe for Taos. It was about an hour and a half drive which was great as it meant we had a half day in Taos. For some reason I thought we were going to be here longer, but not so. We will only be here for a day and a half.  It's too bad. Taos is a much smaller town with a population of about 20,000. It is similar to Santa Fe with art galleries, and a beautiful central town plaza,and it has a small town feel and less tourists.
 As we drove up to Taos the landscape changed from a more deserty look to more rocky.

One of the numerous casinos we passed along the way. I bet if we've seen one casino, we've seen a 100.
 We passed this lovely old church along the road. Wish we knew the name and more information on it.
 The Rio Grande River ran right along the highway almost all the way to Taos. It was a very nice drive.

 The Rio Grande Gorge.
Ahhhh there's Taos in sight. A sweet small town sitting below the San Cristobal Mountains.