Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Friday, May 29, 2009

Last Day at Glacier N P---2

There are really nothing but ranches in this part of the country. We pasted lots with gorgeous horses. These were standing out by the road as we drove into town. After today we are headed for Great Falls, Montana for an over night stop as we work our way back home.
Old church in Browning--notice the new red roof.

We took a ride into Browning, Montana for groceries. As Browning

is one of the few towns (and I use that term lightly) in the very large Blackfeet Indian Reservation (and I do mean LARGE), it was interesting. We shopped at the only grocery and were the only pale faces in the store. Very odd feeling.

The above picture is the road we took into town. Very curvy with steep drop offs. A scary ride.

Last Day at Glacier N P

This must be how Many Glacier got it's name.

Sheep grazing on the side of the mountain.

Beautiful NP hotel at Many Glaciers.

Great views on the Many Glaciers Road.

We saw this cute little ground squirrel (and several of his friends) as we were driving the back roads to the campground. The kitties would love to play with him.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Even More Glacier NP-3

A coyote crossing the road in front of us.

St Mary Lake on the East side of the park.

Even More Glacier NP-2

The little blonde bear.

On the way over to the East side of the park we saw 3 black bears. A Mama and her two cubs. One cub was black, the other blonde. They were so cute.

Some of the wildlife.

Even More Glacier NP

You can see the areas involved in the fire in 2001.
We stayed in a beautiful campground in East Glacier, except for no internet. We ended up having to move to a new CG on the other side of the park. Here are the boys going for a stroll around the park.

More Glacier National Park

We took a very nice walk in the woods on the Trail of the Cedars. The woods were beautiful.

Glacier National Park

These photos are all from the West side of Glacier National Park.
Lake McDonald

We stayed over in Missoula, Montana on the way to Glacier.

This one below is for Mark. There are lots of fly fishing shops around here.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Down Town West Yellowstone

These are a couple of the beautiful Painted Buffalo in downtown West Yellowstone. They will be auctioned off in August. Go to the website to see all 36. They are fantastic.

The old Union Pacific Railway Station

Down town West Yellowstone.

McDonald's in West Yellowstone.

We had a nice quiet day in West Yellowstone. Lunch at the Outpost restaurant (buffalo burgers) and dinner at the Grizzly Claw Restaurant for some terrific Mexican food. This is a very, very small town with tourism as their main trade. Lots of small shops and places to eat. Tomorrow we head for Missoula, Montana on our way to West Glacier, Montana.
Get along little dogggies.