Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Friday, March 31, 2017

On our way to Jupiter, Florida

We are headed to Jupiter, Florida for a retirement party for our friend Mark Morris. David "mentored" him when he was new with Varian and Mark is retiring after 30 yrs with the company. We haven't seen anyone in South Florida since David retired 12 yrs ago, so it should be fun.

The traffic headed to Atlanta was pretty backed up part of the way. We found out later that a section of 85 had collapsed due to a fire. Thankfully that happened AFTER we passed Atlanta, We arrived in Lake Park at the Eagles Roost RV Park in the daylight, thank goodness. The last time we stayed here it was pitch dark, the office was closed and there were not good numbers on the campground sites. We had a terrible time locating out site. It was so bad, David just parked the MH and I wandered through the CG with a flashlight until we found out site. The really need lighting and BIG site numbers in the campground.

This stay was not so bad, except that we thought the heating element on the water heater was burned out. All was well in the end and it was fine. The kitties got us up and 5AM which will make for an early started as we head to Jupiter.