Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Delayed Post

Well, I have not been very good about posting pictures after Christmas. It was a lot of fun in St Augustine over Christmas.  After that I became very lax with the blog posting and even taking pictures. I so have one last post, however.
 While we there I took Bentley for a nice walk along the trails at the campground and along the river. He was a bit nervous with all that water around him so we moved on.
 He did enjoy meeting his first chicken or chickens. They were just clucking and pecking along the road and under the bushes as we came by and he just had to get a good look at them.
 Back at the MH he was hamming it up for the camera. I think he wants to be a model.

We had a recall on the MH, so after St Augustine we had to drive to the dealer in Lakeland to get that done. They were very fast and in a matter of  half  an hour or so we were on our way the Crystal River where we were staying for a few more days. We stayed at Rocker Crusher RV Resort which was actually very nice. It was very large, but there was lots of space in between campsites, making it very enjoyable.
 The kitties were enjoying it also as you can see.

The next morning we went for breakfast at Mama Sally's and it was very good except for the biscuits. They were square and rather dry & tasteless, but everything else was good.

 When we arrived back at the MH the ALL 3 kitties were enjoying the dashboard and watching everyone walking their dogs, riding their bikes and just walking by.

 We decided they might like a little go out time in their play pen. The weather was so nice. Nicky is telling us all about it.

 After their go out time we put on Nicky's favorite mouse and lizard video on our TV in the bedroom. He just couldn't take his eyes off those mouses and even Bentley decided to join him.

The next day Maryann came over and we went to lunch at Crackers. Nice views and the food was plentiful. We ate outside on the deck and then went for a walk There were a few tour boats leaving for Manatee viewing.

 Back at the MH Finnegan is in his favorite spot and Nicky has found a new spot--David's sock drawer.

After we left Crystal River we drove to Montgomery to spend a couple of days with Becky and Mike before they moved to Seattle. It was a last minute decision and we had trouble finding a campground and Mike insisted that we park in their driveway. It was very convenient and we had a wonderful visit. On Sunday we went down to Andalusia to visit my Aunt Charlotte. We had such a nice time. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures, but Becky did so I'll just refer you to her blog. She has been so good about posting recently and I have not.