Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Monday, October 4, 2010

Helen, Ga

We had a very nice stay in Helen. It was very quiet when we arrived on Thursday, but by the weekend it was jam packed with people and traffic. It was the first weekend in Oct, and Octoberfest was going on.

It's interesting when we stay at various campgrounds. We try to select ones that have the best amenities and usually do pretty well based on reviews from others. It always happens that something is missing or not as good as we would like. We really like to have Internet access, cell telephone access, and cable TV and the ability to receive satellite access for our Dish. I know you think we should just stay home. In NC we had no cable or Dish access and so so Internet. In Williamsburg we had no Dish access and so so Internet and here in Helen we had no Dish access, great cable and Internet, but NO CELL PHONE. Good grief--we thought every place had cell phone access. In the town of Helen we have some access, but none outside. What did we do before all those luxuries?

The traffic is bumper to bumper in both directions.

Outside Old Heidelberg Restaurant lots of folks doing the Chicken Dance.

We had a great German meal of Brats here at the Troll Tavern. Beautiful views also.

The town was so pretty with all the flowers blooming, but full of people.

Had another nice German meal of Jugerschnitzel at Old Heidelberg.

Brasstown Bald

One afternoon while staying in Helen, Ga we took a ride to Brasstown Bald. I hate to admit it, but it's been about 43 yrs since I was here with my cousin Becky and her husband Mike. It was a fun drive and great views from the top. They have a really nice paved trail if you want to walk to the top. We decided to take the shuttle ride to the top and walk down.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

One afternoon, as a matter of fact the ONLY afternoon that it wasn't pouring down rain, we visited Colonial Williamsburg. It was very interesting to see and the certainly made our history seem more real. The farm below was growing cotton and tobacco. I must say I didn't realize that cotton had such beautiful yellow blooms. We thought it was a flowering shrub.

Some of the homes in Colonial Williamsburg were historic only and some were full time residences.

This was the Governor's Palace.

Of course we found a couple of friends along the way.

This was the magazine where all the gun powder was stored.

This street had most of the businesses in CW.

It was a nice visit and a fun day. Had a great meal at a tavern in the business area.

Jamestown, Virginia

We visited Jamestown, Va and it drizzled rain the entire time. At least when we were here it wasn't too bad and we could get out of the car. This was a very interesting site with so much history. To think that our ancestors landed here years before the Mayflower landed in Plymouth and survived. At least a few survived.

This is the fort. How people survived here in the harsh winters is amazing.

This is the site of the first landing which is actually about 100 yards off shore due to the erosion of the river.

This is the fort at Jamestown.

Statue of Captain John Smith, Governor of Virginia.

Near the church they are excavating the site for ruins from Jamestown. There is a museum on site with many artifacts they have found.

Statue of Pocahontas.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Short Trip to Find Cooler Weather

Our first stop in the search for cooler weather was Mount Airy, NC which is the boyhood home of Andy Griffith and the town based on Mayberry, NC. During the time we were there they were having "Mayberry Days" and the celebration of the 50th anniversary of The Andy Griffith Show. The town was packed. It was Mayberry everywhere. There were town tours given in a couple of the old sheriffs car like the one below.

This picture is for Ryan. One of his favorite shows was the Duke Boys and "The Dukes of Hazzard". This car was spotlessly clean, including the engine. It was never driven by Bo and Luke.
As we walked down Main Street I saw a business selling sewing machines-----Bernina sewing machines. Lo and behold it was a quilt shop, Creative Sewing. They didn't have a large selection of fabric, but what they did have was very nice. They were teaching an embroidery digitizing class with their Bernina software manual which looked fantastic. The people there were very nice.

This was Floyd's Barber Shop. We saw Floyd as well as several other Mayberry characters walking around town acting their roles. Floyd, of course was giving hair cuts.

You really can't see how far the line goes down the street, but this was the line waiting to get into the Snappy Lunch Counter for the pork chop sandwich eating contest.

Here's ol Ernest T Bass and his famous rock clowning with someone on the street.

This is the movie theater. When we arrive there were 2 very long lines going down both sides of the sidewalk just to get in. I think there was a music concert going on here. There were many other events being held at the Andy Griffith Playhouse about a mile away,

Main Sreet in Mayberry------uhhh Mount Airy.

A mode of transportation for a town tour.

Wally's Service Station. Doesn't look like they are selling much gas.

This is Mount Pilot--- actually known as Pilot Mountain.

Our campground was located on a beautiful lake with geese and ducks. The kitties had lots of birdies and squirrels to look at.

Here's Bentley in his stroller visiting the ducks. He just didn't know what to make of them.
It was a nice campground except for the lack of access to cable TV.