Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Saturday, April 12, 2014

More Fun with Emma, Trevor, Najla and Ryan

Ryan told us there were some wild peacocks living in the neighbor, so were pulled out Emma little red wagon and went for a walk around the neighborhood to visit them. She wasn't in the mood for a wagon ride, but made the best of it. We had a nice walk just the same

 Back at home Trevor was eating and growing like a weed.

Najla and Ryan bought Emma a Strider balance bike and she loved it. She tried it out in the store and didn't want to get off of it. These bikes have no pedals and teach kids how to balance and it make it easier to learn to ride a big bicycle.  

It's just amazing how much Trevor had grown and changes in the few days we were there. He is going to give Emma a fun time when he's a little older.

Emma watering EVERYTHING.

                                                     Emma just finishing blowing a kiss.

Emma loves lemons and this is her lemon face.

A New Pool for Emma.

Najla and Ryan bought Emma a little wading pool to play in and this was her first time in it. She loves water and really had a good time with it and the hose. I have some videos which were a bit longer and I posted them on YouTube. If you go to YT just search "Tails from Tennessee".

I don't know who had more fun--Emma in her pool or us watching her in her pool.

Meeting Trevor

It was so great to finally meet sweet Trevor. He is a very handsome big boy. He looks a bit like Emma at this age and he is so precious. Being a month old he is still getting into his routine and trying to figure everything out. 

Here's Emma with he baby doll. Najla and Ryan got her a doll to hold and kiss so she could get used to having her OWN baby before Trevor arrived. She seems to be doing very well at adapting to a new baby brother. One day soon they will be able to play together. 

On Our Way to Meet Trevor

We are so excited to be going to Florida to see our new grandson Trevor Logan David Meyer. We have seen a few pictures, but there is nothing like the REAL Trevor. 
As usual we pack up the motor home, followed by the 3 kitties and head down the road.. Our first night we stopped in Tifton, Ga at a KOA campground. I decided Bentley & I needed a little walk around, so we pulled out his stroller and went for a walk. I saw a sign that said "Nature Trail" and headed that way. It was a pasture complete with horses and cows. Bentley didn't know what to make of them

They ALL came right over to us for a nuzzle. What beautiful horses and sweet cows. Bentley couldn't get over them and the smells. Something big and new.,

 This is Nicolas and his favorite way to ride in the MH. He is either in my lap or David's most of the time.
This is Bentley's favorite way to ride---under the quilt on the bed. Usually we look back in  the mirror and see pillow flying up in the air as he is trying to get under them and the quilt. That's Bentley! Never a dull moment.