Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Monday, October 4, 2010

Helen, Ga

We had a very nice stay in Helen. It was very quiet when we arrived on Thursday, but by the weekend it was jam packed with people and traffic. It was the first weekend in Oct, and Octoberfest was going on.

It's interesting when we stay at various campgrounds. We try to select ones that have the best amenities and usually do pretty well based on reviews from others. It always happens that something is missing or not as good as we would like. We really like to have Internet access, cell telephone access, and cable TV and the ability to receive satellite access for our Dish. I know you think we should just stay home. In NC we had no cable or Dish access and so so Internet. In Williamsburg we had no Dish access and so so Internet and here in Helen we had no Dish access, great cable and Internet, but NO CELL PHONE. Good grief--we thought every place had cell phone access. In the town of Helen we have some access, but none outside. What did we do before all those luxuries?

The traffic is bumper to bumper in both directions.

Outside Old Heidelberg Restaurant lots of folks doing the Chicken Dance.

We had a great German meal of Brats here at the Troll Tavern. Beautiful views also.

The town was so pretty with all the flowers blooming, but full of people.

Had another nice German meal of Jugerschnitzel at Old Heidelberg.

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