Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Monday, October 6, 2014

Loretta Lynn Concert

The concert was held in the outdoor arena on the ranch. It was all outdoors, but it did have a roof over head. We had no car, so we had to walk there. It was a bit of a walk, but we took the shortcut down a trail. Due to the previous days rain a cold front had come through and it was to be 40 degrees during the concert. Yikes. Neither of us were prepared for cold weather and being outside for 3+ hours. The only thing I could do was layer-- 2 shirts and 2 pair of pants and a sweatshirt. It was cold!

The performers were supposed to be Loretta, Crystal Gayle and Peggy Sue (their sister) as the Van Lear Girls. It took us a while to figure how who the Van Lear Girls were. Van Lear was where Loretta, Crystal and Peggy Sue) were from in Kentucky. When we arrived we walked over to the store at the campground and there was a sign saying that Sheryl Crowe was also performing. Wow, we hadn't realized that.

The concert started at 8 pm and we arrived by 7 pm. The longer we sat there, the colder it got. It was packed with fans. Patsy,(Loretta's daughter) came out first and told everyone that there would be a lot of camera and video people there as they were filming a PBS documentary. Boy, she was right. They were right up in Loretta's face while she was signing, but I'm sure she is used to that.
I have a few video, although they are not great. I had to zoom in and they are a bit shaky.

Crystal Gayle

Sheryl Crowe. Couldn't believe she showed up in a thin sleeveless outfit in 40 degree weather. She must have been freezing.  The man behind her is Ernie Lynn, Loretta's son. He is in their band The Coal Miners and he is an excellent singer. Lost of talent in that family.

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