Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Great Visit to St Augustine

We had a great visit to St Augustine except for the fact that I came down with a horrible cold or the flu. It started with a sore throat, sinus congestion, chills, fever and a horrible cough which is still hanging on. I thought it was just a cold at the time, so I tried to limit my time with Ryan, Najla and the kids so I wouldn't share all of that fun with them. We did get to see them however.

On Friday night we went over to their house. Najla was off that day and she and the kids were making pizza for diner. The kids had on the cutest little aprons to help make the pizza. Too bad I didn't get a good picture of that. I did get a picture of David reading Emma a story. She is just so cute.

On Friday David & I went to St George St, a pedestrian street with lots of small shops, restaurants and people. We had lunch at the Columbia Restaurant which had authentic Cuban cuisine. David had a Cuban sandwich and I had a meatloaf sandwich. Even though we ordered sandwiches they brought each of us a half a loaf of Cuban bread. If you've never had fresh baked Cuban bread it is wonderful. By the time our sandwiches came with were full of bread and water.
David also enjoyed a bowl of black beans & rice.

The restaurant had some great tile work. Good quilt inspiration.

On Saturday they all came over to our MH and we went to lunch at Aunt Kate's. Maryann came up from Ocala to join us. It was an early lunch and we ate out on the porch. Afterward, the kids played a little in the water.

Saturday we went to A1A Aleworks for dinner. Being Saturday it was a bit of a wait, but the food was good and we had a nice view of the Lion's Bridge.

Trevor a Emma really enjoyed their mac & cheese followed by ice cream for desert.


  1. I love every one of these pictures. The children are precious and just big kids now. Trevor knows how to enjoy eating! I'm glad you got to spend some time with family and sorry about your feeling bad. Nothing worse!

  2. They are both good eaters, not picky. I love watching Trevor eat, he is so serious about it all.