Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Loving this Area

We arrived in Intercourse, Pa about 3 pm which is the check in time for the campground here. We had Enterprise come over to pick us up for our rental car and then made a hasty trip to Shady Maple for some shopping.
We love Shady Maple. It's like an Amish version of Whole Foods, only cheaper and better. The fruits and vegetables alone unbelievable much less the bakery, deli and whoopie pies.
This is only ONE of the whoopie pie counters. There were so many flavor choices, chocolate, chocolate chip, pumpkin, mint/chocolate, and the list goes on. Of course we had to buy a couple (or more) to freeze along with some chicken pot pies.

We only had a small early breakfast this morning, so by 5 pm we were starving. So on the way back to the campground we had not 1, but 2 whoopie pies. Shame on us, but they were out of this world.
 The next morning (Saturday,) the cows mooing from Sam's farm across the road woke us at 4:30 am. I guess they were getting their milking done and heading out to pasture. The kitties thought it was great because they could get their breakfast early.
 Since it was so cool outside this early, we put the kitties out in their playpen and sat outside and had our coffee while the sun came up. Very nice. Bentley was really enjoying himself.

We had  a nice bacon and tomato quiche from Shady Maple for breakfast. Excellent. We need to make a quick run to Walmart for a couple of hardware items. For lunch, Madonna and Jim are coming up to visit. We haven't seen each other for a couple of years, so this should be a great visit.


  1. Man, nobody can bake like the Amish. Looks like you're having a great time and eating well.

  2. Too well. I'm into my fat pants already.

  3. Too well. I'm into my fat pants already.