Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunday, January 8, 2017

On the Road Again

We left St. Augustine Thursday morning headed for home. The weather report predicted a massive snow/ice storm to hit Atlanta and Tennessee, on Friday so we needed to get home before all of this.
We made reservations to stop in Perry, Ga which was a little more than half way home, but south of where the bad weather was predicted just in case we were stuck. We had gone to the store to purchase extra food, just in case.

The campground website showed no pictures of their campground and for good reason. It was pretty bad. The guy that check us in seemed uninterested and never looked us in the eye. Just pointed to a site "over there ."Very small sites, small tight roads and very unkempt. It was obviously old, but it had a 2 things going for it---good WIFI and cable TV. David commented that the sewer hole was so far back he had to use 2 hoses to get to it and it was barely enough. Well, barely was good enough.

We had a restful night and wanted to get an early start so that we could get past Atlanta before the ice and snow hit. David went out to unhook while I worked on the inside getting everything ready to roll. A few minutes later David came in and said the sewer hose was plugged up and he didn't know how to unplug it, He had tried everything and the hose was FULL of poop and paper and nothing was draining. He wanted me to come out and help. UHHHH OK?sThere we were standing in the cold looking at a 30+ foot length of poop filled hose. There was obviously a blockage somewhere. David suggested that I hold the hose up in the air at the point where the 2 hoses joined while he took them apart.
 WAS HE KIDDING??????? Visions of Robin Williams sewer scene in the the movie RV passed in front of my eyes. I didn't think that was a good idea. But, we had to do something. Well, that didn't work so David hooked it back up. I went towards the MH and lifted the hose high and walked it down towards the drain. It was obvious that the drain was on high ground and poop doesn't flow up hill.
There was definitely a blockage and since the hose was still full it had to be at the end where the hose went into the sewer. So David unhooked the 90 degree curved end that went into the sewer---and guess what came out--You guessed it. Luckily he was able to get it in the sewer opening before it splashed all over the ground, but not before it splashed on him. UGGGGHHHH. He was so happy that it all came out he didn't care. Clean pants he had, but there was no way we could travel with a 30 foot long poop Popsicle. The joys of motor homing.

At any rate all went well after that. We got home without further incident and the kitties were very happy to be home in front of their fireplace. That night it did snow some at our house, but we were snug as a bug. Thank goodness. David said this was the worst trip we ever had. He was still reliving the shattered windshield and the poop Popsicle.

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