Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Seward and our Fjords and Glacier Tour

Our cabin at Bear Creek.

Bear Creek. The owner of he cabin where we stayed told us there was a bear that liked to sit down at the creek on the fallen trees and eat the salmon out of the water. Unfortunately we never saw him when we were there. There was so much salmon in the creek he could have had a feast no matter where he was along the creek.

The water in Bear Creek by our cabin was so thick with King Salmon that you didn't need a fishing rod. You could just reach down and pick dozens of them right out of the water. King salmon were trying to make their way over this dam of trees, but most didn't make it and died on the logs or in the water.

Seward small boat harbor.

On Tuesday we took an all day cruise/tour through the Keani Fjords to view glaciers and wild life ending with a dinner on Fox Island. It was a fun day even though it was very over cast, cold and drizzly at times.

A little sea otter just floating along as we pulled out of the small boat harbor.

Sea lions.

The Alalik Glacier. The wind coming off of this was pretty cold.

We saw several humpback whales as well as dolphins that would run along next to the ship and jump and play along with us. Our pictures were not very good because by the time we focused our cameras, they were already diving down into the water.

Puffins on the rocks.

Sea lions on the rocks at Chiswell Islands.

It was very cold and rainy by the time we got to Fox Island for our salmon ad prime rib dinner.

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