Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Library of Congress

My good friend Madonna is a guide at the LOC and was kind enough to give us a VIP tour. The Library is incredible, not just the quantity and quality of what is there, but the architecture inside and outside the building. I hope these pictures do it justice.

The LOC is actually composed of more than one building -the Jefferson building that we were in, the Madison building across the street and the Adams building. The LOC contains about 750 MILES of book shelves. It has over 33 million books and printed materials, 111 million maps, videos, manuscripts, photographs, films, prints, and drawings. It is the main resource for Congressional research and started originally as the nation's law library. It also contains the Copyright Office with over 20 million copyright registrations.

The picture of the lobby is just a little dark, but note the architecture in these photographs. It's not your average library. Many areas did not allow you to take photos.

This is the Asian Reading room--one of 22 of the reading rooms with foreign materials.

This is the Congressional Reading Room. Eloquent!


Me and Madonna

The stairway to view a reading room. No pictures allowed--but note the sign of our VIP tour in progress.

This is the Coolidge Auditorium. The next big event here will be to recognize Paul McCartney and his contribution to music, This whole area of the LOC is dedicated to music and musicians.

Madonna leading our private tour.

This floor is incredible. Wouldn't it make a beautiful quilt?

The lobby.

The detail of the art work and architecture is really something to see. For more information Google the Library of Congress or better yet visit.

The Supreme Court is across the street from the Capitol and next door to the Library of Congress.

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