Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Arrived at Intercourse, PA--

We LOVE this area. We try to stop here whenever we are traveling in this direction. The people are so nice. Quilt shops are plentiful. There are 3 within 2 blocks of each other another 2 miles down the same road and at least 2 more 30 minutes away. There is just no comparison between this area of Amish country and Shipshewana. This area wins hands down. We could live here it is so nice.
This is the little office at the CG. They have flowers all around and a little garden where you can sit and overlook the farms. We are staying at Beacon Hill Campground which is about a mile from downtown Intercourse. This is our 3rd stay in this quaint little campground. The owners are so friendly and truly try to make you part of their family. They are very friendly with their Amish neighbors which have farms all around the CG. In August the Lapps bring over homemade ice cream for a free ice cream social. The cream content of their ice cream is very high which makes it extra delicious. Too bad it's not August.

When we arrived on Friday, 2 little Amish boys about 7 and 9 and a girl about 11 came to our door selling homemade breads, pickles, canned vegetables and jams. We were out of bread, so we purchased bread and raspberry and apricot jam. The bread and jam was wonderful with our breakfast the next morning. We had peppered bacon and fresh eggs purchase in Shipshewana, so we had a hearty breakfast.

On Saturday, horse drawn wagons came through the CG selling various homemade Amish goodies like Whoopie pies, shoo-fly pie, sticky buns, fresh milk from the farm and homemade root beer and more jams, and vegetables. Of course we couldn't resist the shoo-fly pie and sticky buns. Now I'll need to loose 50 lbs.

We also visited some of the quilt shops in the area, rode around the country side and paid a visit to Shady Maple our favorite grocery in the area. It's about the size of WalMart and has every thing you can think of and it is all fresh and delicious. The bakery, deli and produce section are tremendous. The fresh made Chicken Pot Pies are the best.

When we returned to the CG I sat outside under the trees and worked on my applique. Nicholas really enjoyed sitting outside with me. Also, as it turned out the trailer next to us in the CG had 2 quilters sitting outside at their picnic table cutting out a quilt for piecing. They are 2 sisters that live about 45 min away and come to this CG regularly to get together and quilt.

This is the view I had while sitting outside under the trees. This is Sam's farm across the way where the boys and girl live that brought the homemade bread and jam.

This is the view behind our motor home. Who wouldn't enjoy sitting outside with this view?

This is Sam plowing his fields with 4 horses. He had some type of gas engine attached which is the first time we have seen anything like that in this area. Usually is strictly horse drawn. Anyway he chose to do this later in the day when it was cooler. Beautiful countryside and corn everywhere you look. I love this area,

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