Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Morning

I didn't take many photos Christmas morning, mostly videos. Here are a few.
Being in South Florida, there was no need for winter clothes on Christmas. Emma came to the gift opening wearing her Santa panties.


One of their gifts was matching winter pajamas, so they all dressed in them for a quick photo. Very warm for 80 degree weather.

Bailey is patiently waiting for her gift----a rather large dog bone which she proudly carried back and forth through all the unwrapping time to show off her prized gift.

Emma unwrapping some new books and puzzles.

Her new kitchen is unwrapped, but not yet put together. It took Dad and Pepere a while to get that done.
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  1. Emma is so precious in her Santa panties. I don't see the need for anything else. Can't wait to see the pictures of the kitchen. I know she's going to love that!