Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Visit to Lapps Valley Dairy

Today was a lazy day in the Lancaster area. It was still a little chilly outside and Kathy and I had plans to go see the local musical play "Half Stitched". It was a small production in Bird in Hand, but the performers were very talented with both acting and singing. We enjoyed it very much. Mark and David relaxed in the MH while we were at the "theater".

After the show we went to Lapps Valley Dairy which has wonderful ice cream. Nothing like getting the product direct from the source. The ice cream has 20% cream, so it is very rich and creamy. This is one of our regular stops when we come to Intercourse. It's also nice to go at 4:30PM because you can go in at 4:30 and watch them milk the jersey cows. The cows are just so clean as well as the dairy and milking area. We couldn't;t get over how clean and automated everything was. They have about 70 cows and milk a dozen at a time. Their fresh milk was $3.75 a gallon which was a great price.

 The new baby calves are so sweet and liked to be petted. They had about 5 new ones at this time.

This sign was posted on the deck outside the ice cream store. Check out the last paragraph.

Later, we went to Miller Smorgasbord for dinner. As usual the food was excellent. We are eating too much and too well on this trip. 


  1. I remember the ice cream place and dairy from before. I bet their success has a great deal to do with the pure thoughts of their cows who aren't allowed to see risque fashion.