Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunday, May 4, 2014

On the Way to Pa

Our trip this year is with Kathy and Mark to Intercourse, Pa in the Amish country.
The first day is almost a 400 mile drive, so we needed to get started and leave early at 8 Am.
Since our MH is parked full time in the storage facility and we have decided not to drive it home to pack it up there before a trip. We had to take our clothes, food, etc over to it. The clothes and food weren't an issue, but then we had to corral the kitties into their carriers. Bentley, as usual was eager to go. Nicky and Finnegan----not so much, But they all got there. The storage facility told us that what others will do if they need to get an early start is to sleep in their MH in the storage facility, so that's what we did. It sure made it easier. We all had a good night's sleep before we got up and headed over to Walmart to meet Kathy and Mark in the parking lot. The kitties had time to settle in and get used to their surroundings too. We usually forget something we need on a trip and it's handy to visit Walmart anyway. This trip it was salad dressing. When we came out of Walmart Kathy and Mark were waiting for us and ready to go-------so away we went. The drive was nice and uneventful.

This is Nicky's favorite way to ride. He is usually either in David or my lap.

We stopped in Natural Bridge, Va and Bentley and Nicky couldn't wait to check out the landscape from the dashboard.

It was a beautiful CG and Bentley and I took a walk around the area. Kathy, Mark, David and I also took a little walk around.We needed a walk after riding all day.

Bentley sunning himself the next morning.

Nicky looking out the door for squirrels.

Finnegan has assumed ownership of my chair. The old MH had a chair by the door and he loved to ride in it. This MH has a table, so he has decided to take over my chair instead.

Another view of the CG from our spot in the CG.

Our convoy parked side by side. FUN!

Bentley and Nicky sitting on the dashboard, enjoying the view and the sun shine.

The owner of the Natural Bridge CG. They were very nice and helpful here.

Kathy and me.

Mark and Kathy

David and Mark.

After Natural Bridge we headed to Beacon Hill CG in Intercourse, PA

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