Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Branson, MO

We arrived in Branson yesterday. We have never been here before and it is the hilliest place we have ever seen. There doesn't seem to be a singe square inch in this town that is level. David was not a happy camper driving the motorhome around this area, especially since he got off at the wrong exit and we were somewhat lost. As usual, we had reserved a rental car to use while staying in the area. One pass by the Enterprise rental agency told us we were just to big to try and drive in to that lot. Since David was already stressed out about driving in this area we to check in at the local KOA campground and call Enterprise to pick us up.The guy that picked us up was very friendly and was telling us all about his son being on the Undercover Boss TV show. I haven't seen the episode, but it had something to do with Silver Dollar City and his son designing roller coasters.I'll have to check it out later.

We went into the Enterprise office and there was a customer there chatting with the man at the counter. We were waiting for our turn and someone asked where we were from and were we going to any shows here. We said we were from Chattanooga and were only there for a few days. The man behind the counter said "this man is really funny" talking about the other customer. The customer said "you should come to my show: in a Russian accent. He said "My name is Yakov Smirnoff and I have a dinner show that opens Oct 1". We shook hands with him and said how nice to meet him. He said :if you come to my show, you'll laugh your Yak-off".  He was very nice. All around town we kept seeing signs that said "I'm back". I guess Yakov was performing here for 20 years and left a couple of years ago. He is back in Branson for a couple of months. Of course we had to get tickets to his show for tomorrow night. I remember him from years ago when he appeared on Johnny Carson and other programs and from the movie with Robin Williams, Moscow on the Hudson. He was a very funny guy,

We had a pretty lazy day here. Went for breakfast and then to the only local quilt shop. They had a lot of fabric, patterns and books, but nothing that appealed to me. We came back to the MH, did some laundry and Bentley kept us company in his stroller. Later we went to Landry's Seafood for an excellent dinner. The food was very fresh, New Orleans style and delicious. For sure, this place has some places to eat. It's hard to know where to go. So much for my diet.

Tomorrow we don't have much planned except the dinner show with Yakov. That should be fun.

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