Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Days at MQX

I had a terrific time at MQX. The instructors were fantastic. All the classes were great and the quilt show although rather small, was very good. I know I can' post all the pictures I took, but I'll try to highlight my week.

Wednesday I had 3 classes. I started at 7:15 in the morning and didn't finish until 6 pm. My first class was with Jamie Wallen on Mystical grids
I had a class with Jamie before and he is one of my favorite teachers. It was a jam packed class  and kept us busy the entire time. Learned a lot of fun stuff.

I also had a class with Judy Woodworth  an award winning quilter and a super nice person.
By 4 pm I was out of steam, but still had on class to go with Mary. She is the developer of my Quilting Business software. I actually had two classes scheduled with Mary and this was the first. I've been using this SW for over a year, but it does so much more that I have done with it, It's wonderful SW and built for long arm quilting which is so much better than having to buy Quick books that is just  retail business sw.

We had a quiet night after dinner at Cheddar s and then I was up and at em early the next morning.
Thursday I had a 4 hr class with Nancy Wiecks on the new upgrades to my autopilot SW. The new version came out about 6 months ago is one I haven't played with it very much, but it has some great new features.
 In the afternoon I had a class with Sue Heinz on Fill Harmonics. What a great fun class. Sue has a fun teaching style and I learned a lot.

Friday, I had another class with Judy Wood worth on Negative Space. More fun!! And my other class with Mary. More advanced sw stuff.

Then Saturday my classes were with Karen McTavish
I'd had classes before with Karen on learning McTavishing which I use a lot in the custom quilts I make. Also on whole cloth quilting. Karen is a good teacher and I always enjoy her classes and love looking at her work, This class is on Modern Quilting --the latest trend.

My last class was with Deloa Jones on border feathers. Another fun class, but I'm glad the week is over. I just want to go home and play with my machine now. But here we are in Springfield for another day and another week before we get home. I hope all this knowledge doesn't evaporate before I get there.

During the week I had time to shop for long arm gadgets, and view the quilt show. I did find a few rulers that will be helpful. I'll try to post some of the beautiful quilts although I didn't always get a picture of the quilter tag. Sorry.

These are all Janet Stone's quilts. All of her quilts had the Alphabet in then with a play on names. She also loves sheep, so many of them have sheep.. The first one is NO L and it has no letter L in it. This quilt is heavily quilted and won Best of Show.

 The one below is "Letters From a Broad" and each block was made and quilted separately and sewn together.
      "Mutton But Letters"

 The pattern for this one is offered on The Quilt Show so I am downloading this BOM pattern monthly.
Lots of whole cloths and modern quilts

 This one was made by Gina Perkes. I had a class with her earlier in the year.

More modern quilts
The one below was one of Judy's Lots of detail and beautiful.
                                               This is a modern quilt by Karen.

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  1. Wow! Those are amazing. Wish I could see them close-up. I know you're enjoying yourself and learning a lot, probably brain overload. Sounds like a good trip all around, especially with the way you avoided kitty catastrophes.