Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Wonderful Christmas

We arrived in St Augustine on Christmas Eve Day. After picking up our rental car we headed for North Beach campground. As you can see Finnegan and Bentley enjoyed the ride.

We love this campground. It is woodsy and close to restaurants and both the river and the beach. We could only get 3 days here, so will will have to move to another CG on out last day. All the CGs are full due to the holidays and the snowbirds. We had reserved a Toyota Corolla at Enterprise, but when we got there they said they were out of smaller cars and would we mind taking a Lincoln SUV. I told them they might have to twist my arm, but OK. Nice ride.

We walked over the Aunt Katie's for lunch after checking in the CG. The food and the views are always good here.

We were anxious to see Najla and Ryan's new house. It is so nice, lots of room with a separate playroom off the family room for the kids. Fully fenced back yard for the kids and pets. Four bedrooms, and lots of space.

Christmas Eve was very nice. Najla's parents live in JAX and came down to spend the holidays. It was so nice to see them again. Christmas morning all the presents were there from Santa and everyone opened their gifts. What fun.
 We gave Emma a Princess nightgown which she wore all day. This is one of many Princess dresses she has and wears to a frazzle..

                                                     GiGi sent her a new baby doll which she loved.

Trevor is taking a break from opening his gifts. That's really hard work.

Santa brought them a dollhouse and they can both play at the same time. I love Ryan's Indian head dress feather.

                                            Emma got a new bicycle with training wheels.

    Trevor, after his diaper change went streaking thru the house and outside.

 More pictures later.

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  1. What a great Christmas. Beautiful children, beautiful home, sweet parents and grandparents. That playroom is awesome and Trevor's pantless shot made me laugh.