Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Thursday, December 24, 2015


We will be headed for St Augustine for the Christmas holiday. You can see how much Nickie is anticipating the trip.

In preparation, we are making a batch of our traditional Crock Pot Christmas Crack. Lots of it to share with friends and family.

Bentley and Nickie waiting for us to pack up and get started. Finnegan is no where to be found.
It took us most of Tuesday to get everything loaded into the motor home. Multiple trips to the store for items we needed to take, groceries and kitty food. We decided to load up in the storage facility, spend the night there and get an early start on Wednesday morning. We thought this might help Finnegan to get all settled in before we hit the road. We were wrong. Getting him into the kitty carrier and to the motor home without throwing up was unsuccessful. He threw up on the way and again the next morning. Poor kitty. He's just so nervous, but once he settles in he is just fine.

We drove until we reached the campground in Lake Park, Ga at about 3 PM. This was a new campground for us and very, very nice. It is at Grassy Pond which is the Moody Air force Base recreational facility. It is open to the public and has lots of amenities. The prices was about half of what we normally pay and was a very quiet relaxing campground. Due to all of the rain everything was very wet so we couldn't take Bentley for a walk. It is definitely one we would stay at again.

Lots of space between camp sites, large mossy oak trees. There was a 3.1 mile walking trail through the woods. The sign below says to watch for snakes, alligators and poisonous plants. YEP now we are almost in Florida--just 5 miles from the State line.
Next door there was someone in a trailer that lives there full time based on the number of plants and outside patio items. Also, their little black and white kitty came out to see Bentley and Nickie sitting in our bedroom window. The little black kitty kept blinking "hello" to our 2. He must have been happy to make some new friends.
Finnegan was all stretched out on the back of the couch in his favorite spot.

For dinner our first night out we had homemade chili and cornbread. Great camping meal for a rainy night.
Thursday we are headed to St Augustine.

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