Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Day 2 St Augustine

It was day 2 of the Tea and Stitches Retreat. David drove me to JAX and dropped me off so he could have the car during the day. This day is would be all day from 9 to 6, but I had planned to eave early to meet Ryan for dinner in SA.

We we arrived in the classroom what did we find, but a sweet little red box and a pretty bag of goodies.

The red box contained a tiny ceramic bowl with a pin cushion and the bag had several new hand dyed threads to try.
 We all began working on our big red pin cushion with Jan's instruction. What fun.
 Before we knew it, the morning had slipped by and it was time for lunch. Again a terrific lunch. This lunch was beef burgundy, bow tie noodles, asparagus, salad and cake.
 The room was already set up for our afternoon tea with all the lovely china tea cups on the back wall.
 Behind the tea cups was a sampling of Jan's gorgeous quilts hanging behind them.

 When we arrived back in the classroom there were more surprises. Bette Augustine who in now in California had made beautiful needle books so that we had a place for all of our different types of needles that are used when doing our stitching. It was so delicate and lovely.

 It was tied with ribbons and had silk flowers and even a little china teacup.
 A what was in the little red package? A very handy book "Know your Needles" that tells you which needles (both machine and hand needles) are for which fabrics, threads and when you use them. A treasure for sure.
 After stitching for a couple fo hours more, it was time for tea . Jan's husband Joe actually arranged for the tea and cakes for tea time. What a nice guy.
 After tea it was time for show and tell. This is Pat's crazy quilt.I think it's the most beautiful crazy quilt I've ever seen. The detail and embroidery was unbelievable.
 This was another quilt. Wonderful 3D blocks too.
 And Kim is working on Jan's pattern from last year.
 After lunch we returned to the classroom to find another surprise.

 This was the kit we needed to make the sweet scissor holder out of an old doilie. It had beads, a little rose and hearts. This is mine which was finished by the end of the afternoon.
 As I met David in the parking lot the geese were all over the campus. They were are very active this time of year as they were all very protective of their nests. There were a couple of cats that the geese chased away whenever they came near their nests. They did the same for people too. And watch you step.

When met Ryan for dinner at Ruby Tuesday's. The kids were still sick and Najla stayed home with them. It was nice to see Ryan and talk to him. They have made such a success out of the animal hospital they own, I'ms so proud of him and Najla and so happy for them. 


  1. That is a fancy schmancy set up you got there! It looks like a lot of fun.

  2. It is such a treat to go to this. Besides all the sweet little gifts and projects to work on, they give away multiple door prizes. I won a package of wool and hand dyed floss to match. I love this retreat.

  3. What a fun day! Just one surprise after the other. That needle holder may be too pretty to use - just caress it and stare at it! I know you're enjoying it all.

  4. I had made myself a quick little felt needle book before I left since i knew I would need one for the retreat. You're right this one is too beautiful to use.