Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Headed to Florida

We are headed to Florida so that I can attend the Tea and Stitches Retreat
  at UNF in Jacksonville. The Bonus is that we will be staying in St Augustine and will be able to see Ryan, Najla and the kids while we are there.So looking forward to this.

Before our trip, the kitties are all due for a nice nail trim. Our process is to trim all their nails and after they are ALL trimmed, they each get a little pile of catnip, I did Finny, followed by Bentley and then Nickie. As each of them finished one by one they go over to the spot in the kitchen where I give them their catnip and wait for their treat. I really think they enjoy their nail trimming time.

To get ready for the trip, we headed to Petsmart to load up on kitty food. As I was putting it away in the pantry I turned around to throw out the empty cat food box and there was Bentley sitting in the empty box with Nicky looking on. (Look between Bentley's ears). Ha ha, Very cat-like.

We drove down to Forsyth, Ga  for an over night stop and the kitties just settled right in. They love their bunk and having their own beds on the top bunk (with their own window) and their bathroom below in the the lower bunk.

The next morning Bentley had a great time watching the big gooses walk around the campground.

I did have the bed made, but while riding, Bentley likes to get under the covers and ride. In the old motor home he would get under the pillows and we could look back and watch all the pillows flying up in the air as he crawled under them. Crazy Kitty.

Next post, I should have some Retreat pictures.

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  1. Are you able to trim their nails by yourself? I have to have Pete hold them while I do the cutting. They don't fight it horribly, but don't love it either. Safe travels to you and enjoy your quilting experience. Loved the photos of the cats in their little beds in the upper bunk.