Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 3 The Longest Road I've Ever Seen

We left Oak Grove headed to Oakley, Kansas. I must say this was the longest day and the longest road I've ever seen. We traveled across almost the whole state of Kansas. It is flat, boring, hot and never ending and we are STILL not out of it.

We stopped at a rest stop for lunch. The trip has reminded us of the movie National Lampoon's Vacation. As a matter of fact the route we are traveling in many ways is the same. We drove thru St Louis, Mo veered to the RT and we looked a little glazed as this is where Clark and his family got lost and the "truckster" was stripped of it's hubcaps and was spray painted. Well we lucked out there. No problems getting thru St Louis. Also when we stopped for lunch the dog did not pee on the picnic basket.

We had low fat baloney sandwiches and I asked David if he wanted lettuce. He said "Real lettuce, Eddie" and I responded, "Nothing but the best". We had a good laugh anyway. For those not familiar with the line on NLV Eddie is making hamburgers with Hamburger Helper (no meat) and Clark says, "real tomato ketchup,  Eddie?" . Eddie responds "nothing but the best Clark".

Anyway, this is our National Lampoon Vacation it seems.

Kansas, Kansas and more Kansas---prairie after prairie as far as the eye can see.

Wind turbines after wind turbine.

We have finally stopped for the night in Oakley, Kansas. About another 75 miles to go in Kansas tomorrow.

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