Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Finally on the Road Day 1

We thought this day would never come. We have been planning for months. You'd think we could have done a better job since we had so long to get out act together. About a 100 miles or so down the road we realized we'd forgotten the coffee maker--off to Wal-Mart we go. Then David realized he'd forgotten to pack his socks, his Crestor,--- off to Wal-mart. Then we realized we'd forgotten the delicious pulled port David had smoked on the smoker. No Wal-mart can help us on that one. Booo-HOOO I am now craving that pulled pork.

We keep fleece covers on the furniture when the kitties are with us. That we we can just pull them off and wash them if we need to. The kitties love it because everything is so soft and cozy.Well, the kitty boys have all settled in as you can see. Finnegan loves the chair.
Bentley has claimed the sofa.

And Nicky likes to ride under the chair, but is looking out the back window now.

We stayed the first night at Duck Creek in Paducah. Very small campground, but it did the trick. Nice and quiet.

This year, I made a new quilt for the motor home bed. The fabric was at Lavender Lime years ago, I just never got around to making the quilt. The fabric is cute with motor homes, hamburgers and hot dogs.

This is the border. Cute HUH???
Our first stop was in Paducah,KY---and no I didn't actually go to Hancock's--not even to look. I spend the first night trying to get this Blogger site to upload my pictures. I was so frustrated I was ready to toss my laptop out the window. I thought it was me until I saw others were having the same issues. I finally did a work around and got them to post (as you can tell), but very, very time
comsuming and aggravating. I'll try to post more later. Onward to Oak Grove, MO

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