Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Getting Ready

We are getting ready for our big trip. The day before we left we were going to take Finnegan to the groomer for a little hygiene cut just to make sure there were no accidents while we were on the road. We quietly took out the kitties carrier---turned around to pick up Finnegan to put him in and BENTLEY was already in and waiting. He knew we were getting ready to go somewhere and he didn't care where---as long as he was going. What a cat.

 As we packed the motor home Bentley ran door to door and window to window. He meant we were NOT leaving without him. Here he is in the foyer guarding the door.

Since we were going to be staying in some of the campgrounds for several days we ordered the kitties a little playpen so that they could sit outside with us. I set it up in the living room to check it out. Guess who was the first to approve?

I then took it out on the deck and put all 3 kitties in and they had a good time watching the birdies. Hopefully it will work as well in the campgrounds.

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