Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Another Fun Day in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is a nice town with lots of nice restaurants, nice downtown area and little historic communities to visit. We would love to come back here again and visit more of the areas. One thing missing on the entire vacation was a major lack of wildlife. We expected to see lots of elk, moose,, and other animals, but we saw very few. The kitties have found something to entertain them in every CG. In this CG it is bunnies and boy did they love looking at little gray bunnies. They couldn't take their eyes off of them.

After breakfast we drove over to the Garden of the Gods. What a beautiful park and the scenery was spectacular. Being Sunday morning and the fact that it was going to pour down rain in a couple of hours everybody and their brother was there sightseeing just like us while the sun was still shinning. The traffic was just too much and we didn't get out and walk most of the trails because we were trying to see everything we could before the rain set in. We made it through, but would love to be able to visit one day and spend more time walking the trails there.

                                        You can see Pike's Peak in the distance in the picture below.

                                  We were too close to get a good picture, but this is balance rock.

After Garden of the Gods we drove to Manitou Springs to visit the Miramont Castle Museum. At least if it rained we would be inside.
The Castle was built in 1895 as a personal residence for Fr Jean Baptiste Francolon and his mother. When he returned to France the Sisters of Mercy purchased it to be used as a sanitarium.
The castle has 30 rooms, 14,000 sq ft along with a small garden.

                                              The formal dinning room.

                                           The Sisters added the Chapel.

   Below is a personal pocket dosimeter used during WWII to measure radiation exposure. What these items have to do with the Castle I don't know, but there they are.

We had a very nice tour and there were lots in interesting artifacts to look at. We returned to the MH for a large, noisy thunderstorm and lots of rain.

We decided our last  dinner would at Jack Quinn's Irish Pub downtown. The hostess sat us in this little segregated room/booth with stained glass windows. It was a little strange. David said he felt like he was in a confessional. We didn't see the rest of the restaurant which I'm sure was very nice. This was the view out our door.

                                                 David pondering the menu.
                                           David had Fish & Chips and I had Chicken Boxty.

                                       Back to the CG. This is the view from our CG of Pike's Peak.
And the kitties saw more bunnies.

                                         Our view of Garden of the Gods.

                                                  Better view of Pike's Peak.

We will be leaving tomorrow to head towards home. Colorado Springs is a city we would definitely like to visit again.

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