Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Colorado Springs

We arrived in Colorado Springs yesterday afternoon. Our CG is "The Foot of the Rockies CG" on the west side of Colorado Springs. It isn't the nicest CG we've stayed in as there are no trees, grass or CG like features other than hook ups and a place to park. When I made the reservations months ago I tried to get space at the Cheyenne Mountain State Park which had great reviews, but they were booked as well as every thing else around here. I was lucky to get the last spot in this CG. Although the CG isn't the best, the people who own it are very nice and provided us with lots of information about the area. We are situated high on an over look which gives us a nice view and we are near so many restaurants and shopping areas.

It has rained and stormed a bit since we have been here. We heard there were tornadoes north of Denver so we were  happy not to be involved in that at least. We didn't do much yesterday, just kind of chilled out. Since we hadn't had lunch we went to an early dinner at the Colorado Mountain Brewery. It was a very nice establishment and a little fancy for a brew house. Because it was 3:30 in the afternoon David didn't have a beer, so he didn't get a chance to sample the brewery. The meal was OK and nothing to write home about. We came back to the MH just in time for a big thunderstorm and just hung around here with no agenda for the day.It was nice not to have to do anything.

Saturday, David wanted to go out for breakfast to Over Easy, which is downtown, They were named #10 on Urbanspoons 101 top breakfast restaurants. The meal was excellent. The coffee was great along with the sausage and gravy, eggs and hash browns. We were set for the day.

Afterwards we went to Old Colorado City to a laundromat to do some laundry. Old Colorado City was a really nice old town neighborhood with lots of small shops, restaurants and neighborhood events. Today they had a Farmer's Market in the park. After finishing the laundry we visited some of the 5 quilt shops in the area, Two were very nice with lots of fabric and 2 were so-so.  I did find some FQs with motifs that I could use in an I Spy quilt. I've been collecting small pieces of fabric for 2 years for that quilt.

We came back to the MH to check on the kitties. They were all fine, but since we found there were bunnies living in the CG our 3 kitties have become much more interested in looking out the windows and doors. It didn't hurt that we threw carrot sticks out the door to entice the bunnies. What we do to entertain our kitties.

In the afternoon David wanted to look for some local IPA beers, so we went shopping again followed by an early dinner at Pizzeria Rustica, which happened to be in Old Colorado City. We had a meatlball appetizer followed by their house specialty pizza.

This was no American pizza, but made the authentic Italian way in a brick oven with almost no toppings. It was excellent, although we weren't really sure what to expect based on the description on the menu. We would definitely eat there again.

Then back to the MH to spend some time with the kitties and relax. We had discussed taking the train up to the top of Pikes Peak, but the weather has been so bad that I'm not sure we would see much or enjoy the trip. Hopefully tomorrow morning will be a nice morning for some sight seeing.

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