Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Day Fun

We had a great day, Ryan and the family came over to the CG in the morning and played with the kitties. We went for a nice walk through the CG.
This is such a nice CG. On one side is the Coastal HWY and the Atlantic ocean and the other St John's River. 
At the backside of the CG on the St John's River is a nice fishing dock with a fish cleaning station

Next to the fishing dock is Aunt Kate's restaurant where we had lunch.
Our meal there was fantastic. David had fish tacos with cheese grits and they were really good. The fish was fresh and perfectly prepared. The menu and service were top notch. Evidently this restaurant dates back to the time of Henry Flagler and is quite a tradition in this area. We would eat here again for sure.

                                       Emma enjoyed her shrimp and FFs.

After lunch we walked over to the playground and both Emma and Trevor had a wonderful time.

We had a great Christmas Eve even Bentley..

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  1. That WAS a fun day. So nice to be able to get out without bundling up and enjoy walking and running around. I think Bentley especially had a good day. Wish I could see the children. Emma is just talking and growing so fast, and Trevor is right there behind her!