Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Monday, December 22, 2014

St Augustine

Sunday night David, Maryann and I went to Bone fish Grill for another great meal for David's birthday. We always have a great meal there.

Monday was a lazy day. We had the morning to do a few things before getting ready to leave for St Augustine. We took our time going east towards the coast on hwy 40 and up I 95 to SA. Our first stop was at Enterprise to pick up our rental car and then on to the campground. Bentley insisted on riding along on the MH dashboard all the way to the campground for all the world to see. He had a great time looking at all the traffic, passer-bys and views along the St Johns River and beach.

The campground here is North Beach Campground Resort and each site is very roomy, secluded and private There is lots of trees, between each campsite so you feel like you are in a nice wooded area. Across the street in the front of the CG is the beach and The Reef restaurant. In the back of the CG is Aunt Kate's restaurant which sits on the St John's River with a nice dock for fishing. When we checked in the lady in the office was very friendly giving us lots of information about the CG and St Augustine. She also invited us to the party they were having tonight. She said the owner was preparing the food and everything, food, drinks were free, I told her we were here to visit our son and she said bring him too. A very nice lady.

We got to our camp site and got all settle in and fed the kitties. They all know when the slides go out it's time for them to get their food. Such good kitties.

For dinner we met Ryan and family at the Floridian restaurant for dinner. The food was very good and we sat outside on the patio to eat and watched all the trolleys and horse drawn carriages go by. The trolleys were all full of people singing Christmas carols and waving as they went by. Emma had a wonderful time waving at all the people,
Every time the trolley or the horse & carriage came by she would get so excited and jump up to wave.

                                                              I think David had fun too.

There are just so many fun places here in SA and lots to do . This time of year the downtown area is covered in lights and hundreds of people walking about. We are going to enjoy coming here to visit for sure.


  1. How perfect! We may have to go there sometime. It looks like everyone enjoyed themselves. Emma is so beautiful - such a little girl now and not a baby.

  2. Beautiful children and grandchildren, Sherry. I really enjoy your blog.