Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunday, December 21, 2014

On To Ocala

We spent Friday night in Tifton at the KOA CG. It's a nice stop for us on the way to Florida. Not too far from Chattanooga or from Ocala which is the next stop. We like this CG. It has a farm next door where Bentley can go visit the horses and cows. This trip it was cold and rainy so no visits for Bentley. Maybe next trip.
As you can see, the boys really enjoy their bunk. They each have a bed there and a window to look out. Life is good for our kitties.

On the way to Ocala we stopped at a quilt shop in Lake City, Fabric Art  Shop  They have been around for many years and in all my trips back and forth to Florida I have never had the time to stop. They are also an Innova dealer and I wanted to stop and talk with them about the Innova and the modification I am getting ready to do on my machine. Unfortunately no one there knew anything about the machines and the one person that might was not there. Oh well. It was a nice large shop aside from the purple building. They had lots of patterns, fabric and unusual things. They had a large selection of various types of threads, buttons, embroidery floss, Perle cotton, beads, paints, tatting supplies and Floriani items. Every where I turned there was something different. One very striking item was a display of beautiful hand made Christmas ornaments. They were not for sale, but they were absolute show stoppers. I should have taken pictures, but I didn't want to be rude. Wish I had now, because I can't even describe how beautiful they were. A very nice stop indeed. I did find a couple of mini quilt patterns and postcard pattern for $2.00. The fabric selection was very nice, but no reproduction or Kansas Troubles, or 30's fabrics.

We arrived in Ocala and met Mary Ann for dinner. She wanted to take David out to dinner for his 72nd birthday which on the 21st. She took us to a restaurant right around the corner from the CG on the top of the Holiday Inn & Suites. What a terrific place. Very unusual for Ocala. Very elegant and an Asian Fusion restaurant called Sky.
The food was fantastic. We each had something different so that we could try more than one dish. Very, very good and we all ate too much. We would definitely eat there again.

Back to the MH for a good night's sleep.


  1. That sounds like a great place. Hi, Mary Ann and Happy Birthday, David! The purple quilt shop sounds interesting. I was going to say to go back and take pictures on the way home, but you'd better be coming a different route. Sorry no quilt places in Montgomery but a few in Birmingham, I imagine. I know you'll enjoy your visit with Mary Ann.