Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Friday, December 19, 2014


Normally when we travel we pack every thing into the motor home earlier in the day, except for the cats. We have dinner, then pack up the kitties and load them into the MH at the storage facility. We pull out of the parking spot where the electric hook up is and spend the night in an open area.In the morning we can head out early and the kitties are all relaxed and at home by the time we leave. Since the temperature is supposed to be 31 degrees we didn't want to spend the night without electricity or run the generator all night long, so we made reservations to stay at the KOA in Ringgold.

Before we left for the MH we had to give Finnigan (aka the puker) his ACE. He did very well and was very relaxed. No puking!!!!!! (which is unusual for him).  We had a great night. All was good.
We had a great night's sleep.

We were scheduled to leave for Tifton, Ga at about 9:30 in the morning. We got everything unhooked, picked up and ready to go except for moving in the 3 slides. Did a kitty count and Finnegan was missing. We thought he had walked to the bedroom, but he was no where to be found. We looked every where: under the front chairs, in all the cabinets, in the bedroom closets, under the bed, sides of the bed, behind the 4 pillows, behind everything in both bunks. We even lifted up the mattress on our bed to see is he could have gotten in there some how. There just wasn't enough room for him to get under the bed and we couldn't find him with the flashlight anywhere. We took out yummy kitty treats. Out came Nicky, out came Bentley, but no Finnegan. We took out catnip. "Yum" said Bentley and Nicky, but no Finny. Last resort was to vacuum. Finny will run the opposite direction from the vacuum cleaner. No Finny. We had already spent 30 minutes looking for him. Where could that cat possibly hide? I looked behind the pillows for the third time. THE PILLOW MOVED. Finnegan had crawled inside the pillow case on the bottom pillow . We couldn't believe it.
We spent so much time looking for that cat. At least we found him. Silly kitty. Or silly Mommy. Shouldn't you know to look inside the pillowcase?

There have been great travel kitties today,

The scene of the crime.
 Finnegan says he's sorry he created such turmoil. (Not really, he was probably laughing at us the whole time).
 Nicky says he's happy Finnegan got in trouble. Ha Ha

Nicky and Bentley love looking for squirrels in this campground. What a good spot.

More travels tomorrow.

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  1. So funny. I know ya'll were beside ourselves. I also know the first place you will look now when someone goes missing.