Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Last Day in Paducah and Heading to Missouri

We had a nice quiet day in Paducah. Just lounging about. David did want to go to a store he visited years ago where he found a great deal on an air compressor. The store was still there---sort of, but it was now a Bargain Hunt store. We have not had good luck with buying things in the BH store in Chattanooga, but we decided to walk through anyway. We didn't NEED anything, but what the heck. We had time to kill. We did find a pet stroller for Bentley that was 50% off and still in the box. We have a couple of strollers, but their days are numbered as they have been used quite a bit as we always take them with us when we travel. This one was a Pet Gear with a latching closure rather than a zippered enclosure. That seems to be the part that causes the most problems with our strollers. So, we bought it. It came with a fluffy PINK bed in it which we will have to get rid of. Bentley can't ride around on a PINK bed. It's actually too hot for that bed anyway. I forgot to take his picture in it, but I'm sure we'll get another chance later.

While in Hancocks I spied the Row X Row fabric with Chattanooga Quilts tag in it. (Piece Yal'll), so I bought a yard and a half. Cute fabric.

For dinner we weren't very hungry so we went to TGI Fridays and had an appetizer. David had one of their beer specials, which was quite tall. He said it was excellent. I have never acquired a desire for beer. It tastes like pee to me. It works out well for us. I'm the designated driver when he has a beer at dinner.

On Wednesday we left for Columbia, MO. It was about a 300 mile drive and a very, very hot one at that. The temperatures were in the 90s, but felt more like 103. The A/C in the MH couldn't cool enough so we ended up turning on the generator and main A/C while we drove. The poor kitties we so hot too. Here we are in St Louis crossing the bridge.

We are staying at the Cottonwoods campground in Columbia which is very nice. After we stopped and sat everything up the kitties were all laying on the floor trying to cool their little tummies.Poor kitties.

 Tomorrow we are headed to Maysville, MO so we can visit Missouri Star Quilt Company in Hamilton. I hope the weather cools off.

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  1. I agree completely on the beer...I just don't like it. More beer for David and Pete I guess. I love the Missouri Star Quilt Company, one of my favorite stops when we were on the road.