Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Missouri and the Void of Internet Access

We stayed in Columbia, MO at a nice, clean campground for one night. Bentley enjoyed a nice stroll around the park in his new stroller which he thoroughly enjoyed. There were no dogs about walking, so he had a great time checking out everything in the campground. It was a nice relaxing overnight stay.

The next day we headed for Maysville, MO which is literally out in the middle of no where. I can't even say it was in the middle of a corn field because they didn't even have that. Our (huh MY) goal was to visit Missouri Star Quilt Company in Hamilton, MO and this was the closest decent (???)  campground. The drive was uneventful and the kitties were pretty content as you can see.

The campground (Pony Express Rv Park) was not as nice as their website led you to believe. It sounded like a nice ranch with a petting zoo and entertainment on  sprawling acreage. Well, the sprawling part is right. The RV sites were sprawling all over the place with no rhyme nor reason for the layout. The only good parts were you were not on top of each other and the laundry was cheap.
$1.00 to wash, .75 to dry. What a bargain. Fresh clothes for us. The grounds were however, awful. The grass was ankle high. They had a fenced in area with some alpacas, but the grass there was really high. Do alpacas eat grass? I didn't see any other animals in their "petting zoo" and even the alpacas looked pretty sad. No restaurants, grocery stores or ANYTHING near by. The song "I Could Drive for Miles and Miles and Miles and Miles" was going through my head.The weather and high grass made it uncomfortable to sit outside.You could have fooled me, I thought it was almost Fall. At least we have clean clothes.

There was almost no Internet service even with our hot spot so I wasn't able to post anything on my blog. That has been the case for every campground in Missouri. What's with Missouri and the internet???? I will post more on Missouri Star when I have better access to the internet. Hopefully by Monday.

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