Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Saturday, October 6, 2012

DAY 39 Last Day in Santa Fe

Santa Fe would truly take a week or two to see all there is to see and do here. There is just so much in this area. A drive to Albuquerque would have been nice also, but there's just not enough time. This weekend in Albuquerque is the big Balloon Festival with hundreds of balloons lifting off. That would be a great site to see, but we will be headed in the opposite direction Saturday to Taos, NM.

The MH needed a little clean up today. Finnegan is afraid of the vacuum cleaner which really isn't that noisy. He has gotten better when we pull it out. Normally when we take it out he crawls in the upper corner of the MH. Now he is sitting in the kitty ottoman with his Finny face on. He doesn't look quite as worried as he normally does--just concerned.

Nicholas on the other hand is pretty relaxed.

 Many places here decorate with the big bunches (?) of chili peppers. It's beatutiful here in Santa Fe, but I don't think that look works in Ooltewah.
 Another trip to the Plaza area to see more places, art work and architeture. We saw this cat outside one of the exclusive art galleries. He sort of looked familiar.

 Afterward we took a ride into the Sangre de Christo mountains. The aspen trees were starting to turn and the landscape was gorgeous. I love the way the houses are terraced into the mountain and blend into the landscape.

Back to reality.

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