Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 41 More Time in Taos

On Sunday we decided to ride a little way outside of Taos to see what was around. We rode over the the Rio Grand Gorge Bridge which was a little scary. This is a suspension bridge which crosses over the extremely deep gorge. I must say it was impressive.

We drove north near the ski valley area. Around one of the bends in the road in a field we saw a coyote. He was just ambling along looking for dinner. Unfortunately by the time we stopped the car it was too late to get a picture. We did see what he was looking for for dinner.

There were lots of these little prairie dogs, ground hogs or whatever they were popping up from underground in this field. No wonder the coyote was moving along with his nose so close to the ground.
As we headed back through town, we decided to stop again at the Wool Festival. It's like a magnet drawing me in. I wanted to pick up some of the business cards from some of the vendors there. I think most of these people sell on Etsy and they don't have retail stores since a lot of the fibers are hand dyed, spun and small operations. David couldn't resist taking some pictures too. There was a girl with her kitty on a lease, but the kitty was riding around on her shoulders. Everyone was petting the cat and even the dogs came over to say "hello". Very cute kitty. Sorry no picture.
Then there were the alpacas again. Their faces are just so cute. That little girl is cute too!
 And here's the lady that sits all day petting angora bunnies. What a rough job. I'm sure she is wearing an angora sweater.
 More pictures of displays. I love these felted hats. I have a gray one at home that I made years and years ago. It is easy to make and warm and cozy. I love the colors in these hats.
And they even had a spinning competition.
This little boy came to the festival with a live bird on his shoulder. He was so proud of that bird that was just chirping away.
We headed back to the CG to spend some time with the kitties.
Our CG is rather bare and no place for the kitties to enjoy their playpen.
We heard it was to be 28 degrees tonight. Yikes!!! That's below freezing!!!!!
Monday--Oct 8....Addendum:  The weatherman was WRONG it was not 28 degree Sunday night.
IT IS 18 DEGREES. The outside water pipes are frozen, but we have some water in our tank so no problem. We will be headed for Amarillo.

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