Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 40 Visiting Taos

We picked up our rental car in Taos and the man there warned me about the number of elk roaming the area. I assured him we would not be doing any late night driving on any back roads. We settled in to our CG and took off to find some lunch. Taos has a central town plaza with some nice restaurants and shops, so we headed there. When we parked our car the man in the parking lot gave us directions to the Plaza and told us there was a WOOL FESTIVAL going on at the Kit Carson park. Wow!!! It was my lucky day. Next to fabric, I love yarn.

 This is the Plaza area. There was an Arts Festival going on tin the center of the Plaza.
 This is Kit Carson's home and museum. He lived here for some time and is also buried here. Who knew?
 Love the shops. Wooden side walks that are all uneven.
This is an Inn. Typical SW style and color.
 This is an art gallery and workshop. What a neat setting!
 Just off the Plaza on a little lane is Taos Adobe Quilting. What a cute little shop. Lots of SW fabrics crammed in to the little place. I finally broke down and bought a bundle of SW fabrics.
This is a boot store. Not as fancy as the one in Santa Fe. Very quaint.

 On to the Wool Festival.

What a fun festival. There was a good attendance and it was pretty spread out in the park. Lots of vendors from Colorado, NM, and the surrounding areas. Wool, mohair, alpaca, cashmere, yak, quviut and other varieties. Not the yarns you would normally find n a shop. Lots of roving and spinning tools too.  I was almost hyperventilating. All beautiful. So much yarn--so little money and time. I'll dream about knitting tonight after I work on my applique quilt.
This is man spinning wool into yarn. 

 I had to take this picture. The man walking through the crowd was dressed very oddly. He was wearing camouflage pants, a beaver type fur hat and buckskin boots with fringe. Everyone was staring as you can see. Now that I think about it he was probably trying to look like Kit Carson. Bad job!!!!
 What a sweet little alpaca. I love it's little face.
These are angora bunnies that are for sale. Couldn't you see Finny's face it I came home with that?
To get the angora, you comb the bunny, card it and spin in into yarn. Gee I could probably get the same result by combing Bentley. They are soft and sweet and he's soft and sweet.. The owners of the bunnies were holding them in their laps and asking everyone to come pet the bunny. So soft.

This plant, I think is Purple Sage blooming and it is every where and very beautiful. We have a whole day tomorrow to see more things in a around Taos.

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