Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DAY 42 On the Way to Amarillo

When we got up this morning it was 18 degree----as in freezing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We had to pack up, return the rental car and head back to Santa Fe, as that was the closest route to Amarillo. It did warm up a bit and by the time we got to Santa Fe I had to go change my long sleeve shirt to a short sleeve and take off my jacket,

The ride to Santa Fe was picturesque, but from Santa Fe to Amarillo it was pretty boring. The landscape became very flat with a lack of anything interesting. Luckily it wasn't a horribly long day of driving.

 Nicky insists on riding in my lap. He really only wants to smell the air blowing in through the air conditioner. But any way, I'll take a nice kitty in my lap even if he weighs 18 lbs.
 Then there's Bentley who likes to ride on the couch with his feet up in the air.
 After a day of driving we thought we would stop at The Big Texan in Amarillo for dinner before heading to the CG. If you haven't been here it is BIG in every way. They advertise on billboards along I- 40 and have been on Man vs Food as they have a challenge to eat a 72oz steak in one hour and it's free. They had plenty of room to park RVs and big rigs in the back. The also have a hotel, a free limo ride to the restaurant a candy shop, a bar and a gift shop. I hope we don't regret not buying that set of Billy Bob teeth in the gift shop.You just never know when that opportunity might come along again. The waiter/waitresses are all dressed like cowboys/girls and big time western atmosphere. They had a live cowboy band and a dance floor. The service was a bit show, but my steak was very good.

When we came out of the restaurant and walked back to the MH there were about 6 people surrounding the front of the MH. We thought there might be something wrong. As we got closer-----------------------there was Bentley all stretched out across the dashboard entertaining the crowd.

What a ham.
Tomorrow we head for Checotah, OK


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