Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Friday, December 30, 2016

Additional Time in St. Augustine

On the 26th the Meyers and Bells left for Mexico for vacation and we had originally planned to head to Ocala to visit Maryanne for a couple of days before heading home. But then we thought,..... well we don't HAVE to be anywhere right away so we talked to the campground about staying a couple of extra days. They were able to squeeze us in if we were willing to move to another site. We said, great. I know that was a problem since this place is booked solid. Luckily, for us they have cancelations from time to time. We called Maryanne and the rental car company and everything was set.

Monday, we drove around during the day to view the downtown area and  Vilano Beach where we usually stay while in SA. The CG there was under water after the hurricane a couple of months ago and we weren't able to reserve space there. This day it was very windy and foggy with very few people on the beach. Many of the dunes were washed away during the hurricane. Right across the street from the beach is the campground we usually stay at.

 ST Augustine is a beautiful city. Luckily this day the traffic was not so bad.

 The Old Fort which is usually packed with tourists.
The bridge to Vilano Beach.

This is our mode of transportation this week. They were out of the small-mid size car we reserved. So  they asked if we would mind taking a Mustang convertible.   So very sad.

For dinner this night we went to The Couch House which sits along the water. I'm sure during the day it has a wonderful view, but tonight we could barely find the restaurant due to the thick fog. It was cool, windy and humid, so we ate inside. It was a good choice since we didn't have to wait for a table. I had shrimp and grits which was fantastic and David had Seafood Alfredo which was also good. No pictures taken--sorry.

The kitties are really enjoying their time here.  Bentley loves to ride around in his stroller, while Nicholas and Finnegan enjoy sunning in the window.

For breakfast on Tuesday we went to Metro Diner. It looked interesting, but it was more than that. The menu was incredible and the portions unbelievable. We both ordered sausage gravy and biscuits and not only did we get a LARGE
 plate of that, but 3 eggs and a huge portion of hash browns. Too much for us to finish. They must be kidding.

We were stuffed for most of the day. For dinner we found another great place with great reviews, Ned's Southside Kitchen. I had read great reviews on it a couple of years ago, but we never had a chance to go there. It's a plain place packed with locals, no atmosphere and small cramped table with cheesy vinyl tablecloths. The best kind of homey place with great food. We were not real hungry, so David ordered a Cuban sandwich and I ordered Nachos (an appetizer). Good grief the nachos covered a 12" plate piled high. David only ate 2/5 of his sandwich and FFs. Too much good food. So the leftovers came home with us for tomorrow's lunch.

Tomorrow our plane is to head for Ocala.

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  1. It looks like you are certainly eating well....maybe not the healthiest, but lots of it.