Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas in St Augustine

Najla was off on Saturday, Christmas Eve, so we met Najla, Ryan and the kids and went to lunch at MoJos Bar B Que. Very good food. We ate outside on the patio. As you can see the restaurant is right across the street from an old cemetery. That's St Augustine atmosphere.

We had a wonderful Christmas!! The Bells prepared Christmas Eve dinner and brought it over to Najla and Ryan's so that we could have a family dinner early. The meal was spectacular. Randy prepared fresh smoked ham, leg of lamb, fresh vegetables and salad from his garden. Pam prepared the fruit salad and wild rice and cake. We brought mac n cheese which we prepared in the motor home. Kitchen counter space is a little limited, but it worked out fine. The whole meal was excellent and we ate too much. Wish I had thought to take pictures.

Christmas Eve, Ryan and I took the kids for a tour around the neighborhood in our rented Mustang convertible to look at the lights, It was chilly, so the kids wore jackets and we turned on the heat while the kids looked at stars in the sky and Christmas lights.

Christmas morning was a really fun time. The kids are old enough this year to realize what Santa and Christmas is all about and they were really excited. They each asked Santa for 1 thing. All the other gifts are from friends and family and there was quite a haul.  Emma asked Santa for a Unicorn a Trevor asked for a Dinosaur. I forgot to take a picture, but they were huge!!!!

The Christmas tree was in the living room so we opened up gifts there and there were lots of them.

 Emma got a package of Unicorn Farts which she thought was very funny.

Ryan got a very fancy rain barrel with a planter on top.

I took  a lot of videos which were too large to post here. If you go to my Tails of Tennessee youtube channel you can see them there.

The Bells and the Meyers were leaving on Monday for a family vacation in Mexico, so we left in mid afternoon so they would have time to pack and get ready for their trip.


  1. You know you are having fun when you forget to take photos. I don't remember to snap the photos when in the midst of the moment either. You have a lovely family and it sure is nicer visiting where it's warmer! Enjoy your time and have a great new year.

  2. Thanks Cheryl. I love you new digs. It's much fun to set things up the way you want them.I know you must be enjoying the new place and meeting new friends. I wish we had the opportunity to meet you guys on our travels one day. Have a great Holiday!!!