Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

To Florida for Christmas

Our plan was to leave the house in Ooltewah Tuesday at about 9 am, get to the motor home with the kitties and head off to Florida. We had packed most everything up in the motor home the day before, so we only needed to make one more run to the MH with items from the refrigerator and a few last minute items before getting the kitties. WELL......that was the plan. Early in the morning David realized he had to pick up a prescription at Walmart before we left and the pharmacy didn't open until 10am. Well leaving at 10:30 wouldn't be too bad. Well......... that wasn't to be either. David went to the pharmacy at 10 am and returned home and attempted to gathered up the kitties, or at least 2 of them, Bentley and Nicholas. Finnegan was no where to be found. We search the bedroom, the closet, behind the couch, upstairs. He was no where. We searched areas and closed off the rooms thinking we could narrow his hiding place down. He was no where, and we knew treats would not be of interest to him at this point, We had already given him an ACE tablet, so he should have been snoozing on the couch, but NOOOOOO. We searched and searched places over and over. No Finnegan. So I decided to pull out the vacuum cleaner, his worst enemy. Well, he wasn't downstairs.So I tried the office where I keep all my quilting jobs with most of them hanging on the rack in there. When I turned on the vacuum out he bolted, from under my bags, finally. We put him in the carrier and off we went to the MH. By the time we got there, put all the items away and unplugged, moved my car, it was noon. Three hours behind our schedule.

We had reservations in a campground in Lake Park, Ga about 350 miles away. We arrived at 6pm and drove all around the campground in the dark trying to find our site. In the dark it was impossible to read the small numbers on the poles, so I had to get out with a flashlight and walk around to read the numbers. Finally we were all settled in.

We bought the kitties new beds for Christmas. After looking all over we found 2 nice ones and then added a double layer of Sherpa in them to make themt nice ans warm and snugly.

As you can see they all loved them. We almost couldn't get Bentley out of his.
They were all snug as a bug. As a matter of fact we all were. Nice and cozy and warm. Tomorrow should be a better day.

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