Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Trevor's School Program

We we lucky enough to be here for Trevor's school Christmas program. it was only a couple of songs but that was a lot for 2 yr olds. Trevor is not shy and took center stage. He was practically the only one out front and performing while the others were either cuddling with their mothers, crying or just hanging about. He took his job seriously and did a fine job. The video was too long to post here, but here it is on youtube.

Here's another one.

The lady standing next to me said "he needs to be in the movies". He is a charmer for sure.

Emma had her program 2 days before we got here and we were able to see it on FB since Pam is very good about posting pictures and movies. She was very cute. She's a bit more shy than Trevor,

On Friday we picked up  the little kitty at the campground and took her to Najla at the hospital. Najla said she would spay her and post her pictures to try to find her a new home. She is such a sweet and very friendly kitty. One of the techs is taking her home over xmas holiday to recover from the surgery. If they can't find anyone to adopt her they will bring her back to the campground.

We went for lunch on Friday with Ryan and the kids since Najla had to work.

It was a good day. Saturday (Christmas Eve) we will be having xmas dinner instead of xmas day since Ryan & family and Pam and Randy are leaving Monday morning for Mexico for a family vacation.

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