Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Thursday, December 22, 2016

St Augustine, Here We Come

We left South Georgia headed for St Augustine. We were hoping to find some warmer weather, but it wasn't that much warmer. The humidity makes it feel colder than it is and the wind contributes to it also.

We checked into the Compass RV CG. This is the first time we have stayed here and it is very nice. They have new owners and it is obvious that they care about the CG and are busy making some nice improvements. Everyone is very, very friendly and eager to make your stay the best it can be. It has a lot of sites as well and ours has a nice patio picnic table and beautiful shrubbery around it.

We also had a sweet little kitty come to visit. She is extremely friendly and loving and  eger for any and all attention. She saw David outside hooking up the RV and came running over. Right after that a older, friendly  male kitty also came over to visit. One of the work campers came by and said the older one will jump up on his shoulders while he is working. They have named them Compass and Compass JR. Here is a picture of the baby kitty saying hello to Bentley.

Ryan and family and Pam and Randy had plans for dinner and the Makado Japanese Restaurant for dinner. The kids were a bit nervous at the fire at the table, but settled down and enjoyed the show. The food was very good, certainly more that we could eat. Just look at the kids plates.

It was a fun night as it was also David's birthday.

Tomorrow we are going to Trevor's school program. I will try to video if I can.

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