Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Friday, December 30, 2016

We Knew It Was Too Good.....

Wednesday morning about 10am were packed up and were heading out of the CG for Ocala. I drove the car over to the dumpster to get rid of our trash and was to meet David in the MH at the gate to head back to the rental car agency. When I didn't see him behind me I turned around and went back. This was what I saw--------------a shattered windshield.

And here is the cause---- see that little knot on the tree to the right that caused it. LOL
I won't explained what happened. It just happened.

Luckily the RV hit the knot on the windshield only and not the frame or front so it was only the windshield that was damaged. It was totally our fault. The owner of the CG came out and gave us the name of a windshield company, but they were closed. We called our insurance company and reported it and spent a couple of hours trying to find a local company that could replace it. Finally I called Camping World and they gave me the name of a local glass company that does their RVs, Boyd's Glass. Winston from Boyd's Glass came out right away and took the information on the glass to get it ordered. He was great to get things moving. As a matter of fact his sister and BIL were staying here in the same CG.
We spoke with our insurance company and after a few hours they got everything going too. The problem was the windshield would have to be shipped from Lakeland and would take 3 to 4 days due to the holidays. Ughh. Bad timing.

Our bigger problem was where to stay. We were already checked out of here and they were fully booked. If they were booked sold so would everyone else be. We couldn't drive anywhere without pieces of glass falling out. The owner of this CG found a spot for one night, but after that we were clueless. David didn't sleep all night. He kept reliving the CRASH in his head all night. We were really stressed not knowing where we could go for 4 days or more.
In the morning, the owner of the CG said he had a couple of options for us. We could move to a site with a 50 amp hookup and nothing else for less $$$ or to a site with full hook up for more $$$$. We opted for the full hook up since we were going to be here so long waiting on the windshield. 
As it turned out it was the owners site. He said he would move his rig and let us stay here. We could not believe how generous and kind that was. We can't say or do enough to thank him for that. We owe them big time and we are so grateful.
And if that wasn't enough kindness from people here........ Gary, one of the work campers here came over yesterday afternoon and insisted that we take 2 VIP tickets to the NIGHT of LIGHTS here in  SA.  Downtown SA has wonderful Christmas lights for about a 2 month period. The Old Town Trolley gives tours of the area showing all the lights while singing Christmas Carols all around on the open air trolley. They give you magical glasses which makes all the lights look like stars and snowflakes.  We went last night due to the upcoming NY Holiday and the fact that it was going to be cold (59 degree) after a rain and cold front came through. It was perfect timing It was not nearly as buy although the downtown area had plenty of tourists.. The line for the trolley had about 200-250 people in line, but our VIP tickets put us at the head of the line. THANKS GARY. How very, very kind of you. We cannot believe the kindness of people here.

Here are a few pictures of our tour last night.

So we are all settle in and just waiting for our new windshield. It could be much worse.


  1. Arghhh. This is the kind of thing that makes me glad to be off the road. We went through a windshield repair as well, but it was much less stressful than what you went through. Hopefully the rest of the trip will be relatively boring.

  2. Oh, my. How stressful! I'm glad everything worked out. Things seem to have a way of shaking out. Sometimes it takes bad things to make us appreciate the good in people - although I wish it hadn't happened!