Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


We spent 3 nights (2 days) here and it was a nice stay.The campground was fairly close to where we wanted to visit in San Antonio, but it was a weird campground as far as setup was concerned. Normally, campsites line up side by side with the exit door which in on the passenger side next to the non passenger side of the next motor home.This one was the opposite so that you exited your MH facing your neighbors door. That means your picnic table is next to theirs, leaving you no privacy. There was little space between each site. On the other side we were even closer. Not a good CG setup at all. They had over 200 hundred sites, but everyone would have enjoyed it more if they had half as many, but larger sites. Other than that it was a nice clean CG and they had squirrels for the kitties.

We took a drive to New Braunfels, and somehow we missed the really historic area. There was a lot of construction so we were kind of diverted out of where we wanted to go. I do remember being here many years ago and it had a nice quaint little historic area and it was  nice to walk around and look at the interesting shops.

This old building was in a downtown area.

New Braunsfel is famous for it's German immigrants and their influence in the area and the Sclitterbahn which is a big old water park in a more natural environment. Due to the cold weather, they had not opened yet. 

Then we took a ride to Gruene, TX. We had also been here many years before, and it was a nice quaint town with a few little shops. This was a  very beautiful old Inn from the 1800s. It looks like a fun place to stay.

 At the end to the street is a park and the grist mill once owned by the Gruene family that established the town.

 It was a very lovely area, but what Gruene is known for is Gruene Dance Hall, which is also a bar and has live music entertainment venue. It opened in the 1870s and many new country stars got their start here like George Straight and Lyle Lovett. Years ago when we were here we went inside and it was very dark and has the old original wood floors, bar and the walls have pictures of many of the people that have played here. The bar dance scene from the movie Micheal with John Travolta was filmed here.


 The town also had a General Store full of old items, antiques and interesting stuff. It was fun to walk through a look at all the antiques.

 There were a couple of restaurants, but we didn't try any of them for lunch, but we did go to the General Store and have an ice cream at the old soda fountain.

After that we went back to the CG for go out time for Bentley. He needed to sit outside and enjoy the  squirrels.
It helps if you bring peanuts to entice them. What we do for our kitties.

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