Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunday, April 1, 2018


This trip we are headed to New Orleans and Texas. Our first day was going to be driving from Ooltewah to Demopolis, Al on Saturday. After looking at the distance and thinking about having to get everything loaded including the cats we decided to leave on Friday afternoon and drive a short distance. That meant less driving the next day. So we packed up almost everything in the morning, went out to lunch and came home to pack up the kitties. This was the easiest time ever. I had ordered 3 new backpacks for the kitties and a kitty bag from
They all loved their backpacks so they had no problem going in. Finny however the one that drools and throws up was going in the bag and riding in my lap. He still threw up, but was somewhat more calm.

This is Bentley trying out the extra large backpack that we got for Nicky, the 18 lb kitty. The large size was just a bit tight for him. This item is a backpack, a shoulder tote, a cart on wheels and can be strapped into the car seat as a boost seat. The best part is the kitties like it.

This is the kitty bag. Nicky is in it and Finny is watching. It's amazing how calming they are in the bag instead of a carrier and the vets love to see them come in in a bag. They just weigh and examine them right in it. There is a zipper that can be unzipped to get to the cat while they are still in the bag. Great invention.

Out drive and stop for the night was to Willis Creek Campground in Fort Payne, AL. It was only 70 miles, and all went well until we realized we had forgotten the kitties scratching post/pedestal for jumping into their bunk. So off we went to the pet store and of course Walmart for something else we forgot. 

Nicky thinks we picked out just the right one for them.

They are all in their beds and ready to the night.

We turned on their birdie video, but Nicky only watched for a few minutes. He decided it was a "rerun" and lost interest
 Finny is napping so that he will be wide awake during the night to keep us both awake too. He was awful, crying and trying to get our attention. Finally David got up and gave them 2 more cans of cat food, which they ate, but Finny still cried all night. He probably wanted our full attention
Before we went to bed I made a Caramel Banana Cream pie. It looks, good and sounded good, but I messed up the recipe and added too much cool whip, so it wasn't very banana-ie

The campground itself was fairly nice. Water, sewer, electric, but no WiFi or cable. It was just an overnight and no big deal.

This was our neighbor--interesting. A big yellow school bus with LOWE'S cardboard boxes for the window blinds. My guess is they were living there full time. They  were quiet and we only saw the lady when she walked her big dog. It was just too cold for us to sit outside. Maybe tomorrow in Demopolis, AL


  1. Enjoy your trip. I know it's hard to come up with too much excitement over middle Alabama. Maybe I could get me a school bus to live in and park it in your driveway for a few weeks a year. Happy Easter to you all, and please try to please those kitties more! Reruns are never a good idea.

  2. Ha ha those kitties are spoiled rotten. Happy Easter to you have of you.