Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunday, April 22, 2018


We left Fort Worth, headed towards home. The traffic going around Dallas wasn't bad at all, except for the maniac drivers. On the way home we stopped in Mineola, TX for the night. The main reason to stop there was to visit Stitchin Heaven, a well known quilt shop that has a BIG on line business. They always seem to have a ton of fabric on line and a lot of Blocks of the Month. They also have quilt cruises and look like a great shop. The on line store is very impressive, but the shop--not so much. It was in a little run down strip mall in a tiny town in the middle of no where. They had lots of batiks, patterns, panels and fabric, but nothing that exciting. I did see some Tula Pink fabric with kitties that was really cute.

This is their mascot which I found in their back room. What else, but a Texas longhorn.
The best part of this stop was that the campground was only 2 blocks from the shop. I found a great campground at the Mineola Civic Center. I was a little worried about what type of area this would be in, but it was very nice and clean. The Civic Center was a great community area with basketball courts, soccer fields, picnic areas and a full hookup campground for $28 a night. The sites were arranged in a circle around a field and we actually had pretty good WiFi. We were one of only a few  people there and there was no one any where near us. The boys had lots of room to sit our in their play pens and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine without being worried about traffic or dogs nearby.

                                     What a pleasant surprise this campground was. Very spacious.

  When reading the reveiews of the CG we saw a comment that you must go to town and get some of the fried pies. So to town we went to find them. There were two stores next to each other selling what they claimed were the "best fried pies". We chose the one on the corner with the yellow fried pies banner. They had a huge selection and we bought a few to have with our coffee in the morning. They were not quite like Grandma's, but they were very good.

Mineola was a one night stop and we left the next morning for Vicksburg, MS. It was right on the Mississippi River, although our CG wasn't exactly on the river. We stayed at the CG that was part of the Ameristar Casino. It was cheap, we had full hookups and it was for one night.

They even had a shuttle that would come pick you up at the CG and take you to the casino, but we  drove across the street to the casino for a hamburger and to check it out. We aren't gamblers, but the did spend $5.00 on the slot machines. It was interesting, but not for us. I'd rather buy fabric. We saw many AA people sitting in there playing slots. Of all the many people only about 1% were white.  They were playing big time slots. One woman had over $800 worth to bet with. I don't think you can ever win with a slot machine unless you are lucky and can walk away after you win a little I couldn't believe how many AA were in there in the middle of the day gambling big time. Sad.

After Vicksburg we stayed in Cottondale, AL  for the night and left for home. It was a nice vacation, but it's always nice to come home. If only we didn't have to do mounds of laundry and cleaning afterwards.

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  1. Glad you're home (I guess, by now) and had a good trip. You and David manage to find fun and interesting things no matter where you do. Such good memories. I doubt anybody any more makes Grandma's fried pies, although people keep trying! Hope you're having some good weather. It's finally spring here this week - and I'm headed to Alabama tomorrow!