Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Demopolis, AL and Foscue Creek Campground

What a great campground this is. The only draw back is it isn't near any place I'd want to be. Actually I'd never heard of Demopolis before, but it is about 33 miles east of I-59, just over the Alabama lineer from Meridian, MS. The town was minimal although they did have a Walmart and a Dollar Store, but the campground was very nice. There was no WiFi or cable, but the sites were spacious, on the lake and very quiet.It is a COE campground and since we have a senior National Park Service pass it only cost us $14 to stay here.

Before leaving home we bought a new TV for the bedroom. The one that came with the motorhome was great as long as you didn't lie down on the bed to watch TV because at that angle all the people turned strange colors. This looked like a good time to hook the new TV up to the DVD player to watch a movie. EXCEPT, the new Smart TV was so SMART it couldn't communicate with our stupid DVD player. So off to Walmart we went to look for a cheap DVD player. for the bedroom. Also, David wanted to grill some hamburgers for dinner---but wait, I had not packed the hamburger meat and it would have been frozen if I had, so it was a good thing we were going to Walmart. That's 3 trips to Walmart in 2 days. Good Grief.

We were successful in finding a DVD player and hooking it up. Now time to enjoy the real camping life and grill those hamburgers. BUT WAIT, we couldn't find the bar b que lighter to light the charcoal. I said I'd run down to closest gas station store and buy one. It was only 10 minutes away.
I pulled up to the store, ran in and looked around. No charcoal, not a good sign. I asked the 2 women working there. "Nope", they said, we don;t have any. Back in the car. Then I saw a Tractor Supply store. I ran in and looked all around. They had baby chicks under the lights keeping warm, pet food, garden supplies, boots, clothes, but NO charcoal lighter. On to the the next store. I pulled in to another gas station and saw charcoal in the window. Surely they had lighters, but NO THEY DID NOT."All out"she said. Back to the car as she yelled, "try the Dollar Store a mile down the road". I passed Walmart refusing to go in and fight the crowds for a stupid charcoal lighter. After going up and down the aisles at the Dollar Store I finally found the lighters next to the charcoal and I bought 4. This was not going to happen again. The hamburgers were great by the way. Thank goodness after all that.

Sunday morning Bentley and I took a walk around the campground in his stroller. He really enjoys his stroller.

Then Finny went for a ride in the stroller and we ran across 5 fat geese in the pond quacking very loudly. Finny was all eyes.

                                                        Such a nice campground.

We packed up and headed from New Orleans. The campground we are staying at is Ponchartrain Landing and it has it's own restaurant as well. Since it was kind of late to be heading out in the car we decided to eat there. David has red beans and rice, and I had jambalaya and we both had nachos. David said his red beans and rice were great and mine was pretty good.

Hopefully we can spend a little time in NOLA tomorrow just looking around, We haven't been here in probably 25+ years.

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