Sunrise in Monument Valley

Sunrise in Monument Valley

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


What a great little town this is. The population is about 10,000 and it is about 70 miles north of San Antonio, but what a difference from the big city. It has a strong German influence here with German restaurants, and culture. We stayed here 4 nights, but we would have liked to stay longer.

The campground we were in was Fredericksburg RV Park and it was very clean, organized and quiet. It was relatively close to Main St. where most shops were. Main St was lined with cute shops like a five &  dime, t shirt shops, but also had some really nice clothing stores, lots of restaurants, historic buildings and many wine tasting shops. This area had 30+ wineries. It is also relatively close to a lot of smaller towns around like: Luckenback, Blanco, Johnson City (the home of Lyndon B. Johnson), Comfort, Stonewall and Austin isn't too far away.

 On the road to Fredercksburg. We were constantly on the look  out for Blue Bonnets and saw very few. What a disappointment not to see fields and fields of them.

  In downtown Fredericksburg there were many historic buildings and sites. This is the Vereines Kirche Museum which sits in the Marketplatz. It is an octagon shaped building originally built in the 1830s and used as a church and meeting house.

                                                       Maine Street is lined with great shops to visit.

                 Usually while on vacation we would have breakfast in the MH (unless there was a special place we wanted to go and then one big meal for the day. Our first day there we were starving and David saw a hamburger place named Jenny's that he wanted to go to.
It was hard to find as it sat back from the Main St and was in a little hole in the wall building. We ordered a hamburger and tornado fires, thinking they were hot french fires and this is what we got.
The hamburger had a smoky favor and was excellent and the tornado fries were homemade potato chips cooked on a stick. They were excellent also.

 After walking around town for some time and checking out the shops and places of interest we decided to go to the Fredericksburg Pie Company. It was a little house off of Maine St that sold homemade pies and had antique quilts and some quilt supplies for sale. My kind of place. Pies and quilts--you couldn't ask for more.    The  shop stays open until the run out of pie. LOL

 I couldn't resist having a piece of coconut cream and David had chocolate. Mine was excellent!!!!!!

 It was a cute house/shop with lots of quilty things and doilies to look at.
 This was a Jodi Barrows quilt for sale. Jodi is a quilt teacher/designer of rulers and quilt patterns. The quilt appeared old, but was not. It was quilted on a longarm and was for sale for $350. The shop had several of her books for sale also.
 Very cute shop, but the pie was the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 The next day we found there was a local quilt shop.  Who knew??? One Quilt Place was a very large shop with a quilt retreat and longarm quilting area and classroom. The shop was only 4 years old, but very well stocked with a variety of fabrics, patterns, kits and they even have wool which is hard to find. I heard the owner tell another customer they were going to be in the May issue of Quilt Sampler magazine.
  We were told by the owner that they had just started their Shop Hop which consisted of 5 shops between San Antonio and Fredericksburg. I've never done a  shop hop and wasn't going to do this one, but I had a great time looking through this shop. They were really busy and the people there were all so nice. I did find a layer cake of Texas flowers.

Afterward we went to Wildseed Farm that sells plants, seeds, herbs and has fields of wild flowers. They also had a gift shop with wines, foods, etc.

 David loving on one of their many kitties that was laying in the sunshine.

                                                                        Fields of poppies.

                                              A close up of a few Blue Bonnets

                                                    It was a great visit to Wildseed Farm.

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